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On the Chevelle Page you'll find photos of my 1969 Chevelle SS 396. I've had the Chevelle since August of 1997. It was in pretty good shape when I found it. During it's continued restoration I've learned much and gained the confidence to attempt the Camaro Project.
On the Camaro Page you'll find photos of My 1969 Camaro. I bought it in Sept. of 2001 from my niece Bridget and her husband Jon. It will be a challenge as it needs alot of TLC. Disassembly began in December of 2001. As expected it  provided a great learning experience and many hours of fun.  I finished it in July of 2004.

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Chevelle SS 396 4 Speed
Brainerd International Raceway

BIR July 2004

Here are two very good resources if your into
Chevelles:    ...or

Fall 2001
Prior to Camaro disassembly

Camaro Finished in July 2004

  WHATS NEW      Well we ran at Show nGo again at BIR over the july 4th holiday. This year I ran 4:56 gears in the Camaro. My best time was 13.10. I was hoping to hit the 12's but didn't quite get there. I added new wheels and tires last summer (2006). 17" Torque Thrust II front and back. I'm very happy with the look. I'll add a photo with the new wheels. Thats about it for now. No new project or changes planned for either car this winter. Sometimes life gets too busy!!

New Photos on all pages as of 3/3/2005
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69 Camaro
As it appeared when purchased in 2001

1969 Chevelle SS 396 4 Speed

Garage Ceiling Bowtie
This happened one Sunday in January when it was 25 degrees below zero outside!

Fastburn 385
ZZ4 Small Block 350, aluminum heads, 385 HP on pump gas!

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