Dave Rowntree Quotes

I was a part-time agit-prop-Marxist-red flag-squat-punk with a blond Mohican. 1995

My sister's called Sarah. And she's ace. Nothing to add. 1993

Oh dear, I think we're going to claim we've invented everything again. 1994

It's only recently that I think we've really cared whether the people in America really care about us or not. We spent so much time arguing with our record company over there because they didn't seem to get what we were doing at all. We've changed to Virgin there now and the people we're dealing with seem all right. 1995
When you're on stage, it's such a rush when everything's going properly. Like we played at Brixton just before Christmas and for me it was just like a big orgasm all the way through the show. So how can you sit still through that? You'd just explode wouldn't you? 1991

Brian Johnston used to make my Sundays. He was the last of the old school of sports commentators. I used to watch the cricket on the telly with the sound down, just so that I could have the radio on with his beautiful voice. 1993

There's always a Jimmy from Quadrophenia lookalike at our gigs. Last night's was brilliant. Looked like him, talked like him, wore exactly the same clothes. Never seen the film! 1994