E -------------------------------------
B --------0-----0---------0-------0----
G --------0---0---0-----0---0---0---0--
D ------0---0---------2-------2--------
A ----2-------------3------------------
E --3----------------------------------

E ---------------------------------------
B --------0-------0---------0-------0----
G ----------0---0---0-----0---0---0---0-- 4x
D ------0-----0---------2-------2--------
A ----2---------------3------------------
E --3------------------------------------

E --------2---0--------------------------
B ------3---3---3---3-------3-------3----
G ----2-----------2-------0---0---0---0--
D --0-------------------2-------2--------
A --------------------3------------------
E ---------------------------------------

G         C
I pump poison into my body
G    C
To forget that I am me
G    C
It feels good, wonderful
G        C        D C/D
I forget I have feelings at all

G    C
You're dizzy
G    C

I floated up fifteen miles high
G            C
Stuck my head through all the holes in our sky
G            C
I looked out across the universe
    G        C
And thought of you
D    C/D
Ahh ahh
G    C

You're dizzy

E --2---2---2--7-7-7--2---2---2--3-3-3--
B --3---3---3--8-8-8--3---3---3--0-0-0--
G --2-x-2-x-2--7-7-7--2-x-2-x-2--0-0-0--

D    G D    G
And I am dizzy too

G        C
I became lunatic with rolling eyes
G            C
Squirming on the ground frozen in ice
G            C
Called to my mother, said "Mother, please
G            C
Feed me before the sky falls in on me"