The Making Of No Distance Left To Run DVD

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Parlophone released Blur’s No Distance Left To Run on DVD on December 13.

No Distance Left To Run is the third single from Blur’s platinum album 13 and the single version entered the UK chart this week at No. 14. The accompanying video, directed by Dogme director Thomas Vinterberg, has received high praise for it’s unusual concept- it features the band asleep in their own beds.

Vinterberg shot the video over four consecutive nights and chose to film in total darkness using infrared night vision cameras. The result is captivating; ‘a gentle if voyeuristic documentation of the band as they sleep in their own beds’, said Dazed & Confused., ‘the infrared spotlight pans around to witness dreaming, snuggling under soft duvets, fingers rubbing eyes, legs reaching for cool air from under the covers’.

Along with the full length video, the DVD features the making of the video and interviews with each band member prior to filming. They each have their own concerns; Dave’s nervous and hasn’t slept the night before; Alex isn’t; Graham feels vulnerable and wonders whether he’ll dream and Damon is keen to find out why his hair ends up in the state it does.

Also included is footage on Beagle 2, the forthcoming space mission that Alex James and Dave Rowntree are supporting. The band have already recorded a song to accompany the landing of the probe on Mars in 2003 and the footage included here gives additional information on the project.

Live footage of three tracks from 13, Tender, Battle and No Distance Left To Run completes the DVD tracklisting. The tracks were filmed at the Depot gig in March this year.
Blur’s No Distance Left To Run DVD will retail at approx. 12.00