Graham Quotes

This is a really lovely bit - quite Enid Blyton. We'd go for walks by the river at the back of Damon's house. One day he took me there and there was this lovely gnarled tree, and he'd got a couple of bottles of wine and tied them with strings to the roots of the tree so that they dangled in the water. he pulled one up and we sat there drinking it. That was the first time we got legless together. 1994

I used to go around and see him and he'd play me this weird stuff that was just endless piano, with no singing on it at all. It was just nuts. On Damon 1994

Hayley Coxon is my sister. She's a 30 year old nurse, a sister in fact, and she works in close conjunction with a lot of heart surgeons in the operating theatre. I admire Hayley especially because she helps save lives for a ridiculous amount of hours a week for next to no money. Purely for love. Ironically, she never noticed when I got ill the other week. 1993

Damon wasn't liked (at school) and I thought he was a vain wanker.

Damon? Sexy? He's about as sexy as a stuffed fish, pal. 1994

Of course, I'm a hedonist. What else is there to live for? The rest is just killing time. 1994

I don't feel famous at all. I've noticed it, and I suppose it's become an effort to be unfamous. It's crude, but the idea I have of myself is of someone who's getting pints of milk on the corner in the morning. 1995

You become totally aware of your every action. It's a very weird thing not to be able to walk to the shops without thinking of yourself as the guitarist in Blur walking to the shops. 1991

Japanese audiences dye their hair blonde, dress in Adidas zip-ups and Fred Perry tops - and then they put ties on as well. It's very strange.....1994

Oh the guys, they do have this one obsession I have to draw the logo on so many boys' bums, on their jeans pockets. It's outrageous. 1990

The first thing Damon ever said to me was that his shoes were more expensive than mine.

I don't use much vibrato. 1991

When we finish one album, we immediately start thinking of the next one. 1995

On the Japanese version of the 'Parklife' CD, the dog's eyes light and when you open  BARKS! 1994

It's quite a doom-laden album in areas. Although it was weird to make, because it was all done at the time when the attention was on us for 'Parklife'. 'Parklife' was in the Top 10 every single week when we were recording this one, so we had to keep switching our attention between the two. Graham on 'The Great Escape' 1995.

I hate the video for 'Country House'. I love the song but the association with it has become Page Three and Benny Hill instead of Blur. 1995

We're quite strict about being musically correct, using the right chords. 1991

I like it when girls go, 'Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.'

I crapped on my jumper. I wanted to poop and I forgot it was tied around my waist. I had to throw it in someone's garden.