I Know

E ---------------6--7---
B --4-6----x-x-x-7--8---
G ----------------------
D ----------------------
A ----------------------
E ----------------------

E -----------------------------------------
B --6------------p-------------------------
G -------------11-9-h----------------------
D -------------------11--9-11---11--11-11--
A -----------------------------------------
E -----------------------------------------

What you want to be is what I am
How you want to feel is how I feel
But nothing stays the same when I am here
Just waiting for it all to disappear

C#        B         C#    F#
I know, I know, I know it'll come between us
C# F# C# F#
I know, I know

I'd like to get into that pretty head
Just to see, to see if you are dead
And it would amuse me just to see how
How you feel about me and this crowd

E ----------------------------
B --9--7--9-----9---11-12-11--
G ----------6-----------------
D --6--4--6-----6----8--9--8--
A ----------4-----------------
E ----------------------------