Trouble In The Message Centre

G A Db Eb
I am the message centre
G A Db Eb
Local and direct
G A Db Eb
Room to room an operator (no calls today dear, they'll just have to wait dear)
G A Db Eb       
I call and I collect (so just strike him softly away from the body)
Bbm Dbm    Abm B   
You're made up too shiny today (in so much trouble)
Bbm Dbm Abm B   
Thoughts are just pissing away "
Bbm Dbm    Abm    B   
A new type face a new day "
Bbm Dbm Abm    B   
You can't remember ten minutes ago.
E F#   
It's too much trouble

Middle 8 up half a tone, so that's (Bm    D    Am     C x4) (then E    F#)