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Anda Pengunjung ke Sejak 4 Mac, 1999

Kemaskini Terakhir: 12 November 1999
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The BATTLE is OUT there!

The time has come. We have waited for so long. This is the time when we should put all our efforts to gather supports for BA. But the battle is not here. It is out

There are millions of Malaysian voters who have no access to the internet. We are the lucky one. We have heard of all the bad things of BN inside out. But millions of the voters did not have the opportunity. They have been fed by RTM, TV3, Utusan Melayu, Berita Harian, NST , Star etc. They have been fed with BN's propaganda. Day in day out, BN has instill fear in them not to vote for BA. Fear of Islamic State. Fear of the downfall of the so called Malay Supremacy. We know that these are baseless. But some of them out there might believe these.

Reach out to your parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, relatives, friends, neighbours... do your part. Ask them what are they afraid of if they are not going to vote for BA. Explain to them the reality.

Statistics showed that on average more or less 25% of the registered voters did not cast their votes in the previous elections. You might know some of these
people. It could be you, your parents, your brothers, sisters, friends.. persuade them to vote this time around.. FOR CHANGE of course..

Please do not let this opportunity go. We have 1001 reasons to tell the people why we should not vote for BN.  Use it!

So what are u waiting for? Or else you have to wait for another 5 years!! Go out there friends!!!

Vote for Change! Vote Barisan Alternatif!