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Limerick college  
LM093     Bachelor of Science:
     Equine Science


The four year BSc degree in Equine Science provides students, who wish to follow a professional career in the horse industry, the opportunity to underpin their career aspirations with specialist knowledge and skills.  The course of study, unique in Europe, has been developed because of the strategic economic importance of equine and related industries and the consequential need to produce highly qualified personnel with the specialized knowledge to exploit the potential of these industries.

The overall aim of the programme is to equip students with degree level competence in the disciplines of Equine Sciences and a choice of professional studies in either the disciplines of Equitation* or Equine Business Management.  Graduates of the programme are expected to contribute to the continued development of the equine industry through their expertise in research, development and the application of their particular skills in Equine Sciences and either Equitation or Equine Business Management.

Entrance Requirements

Applicants are required to hold at the time of enrolment the Leaving Certificate (or an approved equivalent) with at least Grade C3 in two Higher Level subjects and Grade D3 in four Ordinary or Higher Level subjects (including Mathematics; Irish or another language; and English).  In addition applicants wishing to enrol in this programme are required to hold at least the following in the Leaving Certificate or an approved equivalent:

Grade C3 in a Higher Level paper in any one of the following: Physics, Chemistry, Physics with Chemistry, Engineering, Technical Drawing, Agricultural Science, Biology.

It is highly desirable that candidates applying for this programme should have a reasonable level of competency in horse riding and/or have experience of working with horses.

Programme of Study

The programme is four years in duration with two Semesters per year.  All students undertake common modules for the first four semesters providing a strong base in science (including Equine Veterinary Science embracing Equine Physiology, Reproduction & Nutrition), Equitation and Equine Business Management.  In addition, students will undertake the study of one language selected from Spanish, French, German, or Japanese Studies.

In years three and four, all students continue to study a range of equine science modules including Equine Genetics and Pharmacology.  It is also at this point that students select one of the major professional options i.e. Equine Business Management or Equitation. From semester 6 of year 3 for a period of up to 8 months, all students undertake a Spring and Summer semester of Cooperative Education in an Equine or related enterprise.  This provides the opportunity to exploit and develop the skills that have already been acquired while simultaneously gaining the professional experience, at home or abroad, of working in selected sectors of the industry.

Throughout the programme, students will be brought into contact with the industry.  This will be enabled through visits to centers of excellence, through participation in seminars conducted by expert speakers and open to all persons from the industry and also through "hands-on" experience of handling and riding horses.

Possible Careers

Graduates from this programme may choose from a wide variety of career possibilities in areas such as the following:

·     Equine Enterprise Management (Stud Farms, Show Jumping Yards, Racing Yards, Equestrian Centers).
·     Leisure, Recreation and Tourism based on Equine activities.
·     Equestrian Marketing and Sales Enterprises.
·     Equine related service industry (food supply, equipment manufacturing, laboratory servicing).
·     Equine Research and Development.
·     Sports Journalism.