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Currently 1949 lyrics
on this site!!!


286 lyrics added since last update!

Last Update: Fri 08/9/02

On this site I've collected together a whole bunch of lyrics
(duh) However, I've thoroughly checked, double checked and triple
checked each set of lyrics and edited them all exactly , so it's easier
to sing along to your fave tunes than ever before!!

Even though I update this site regularly with each weeks new chart
hits, I'm very dependant on your REQUESTS for your fave songs.
Perhaps there's a song you're DYING to know the lyrics for, or
maybe there's just a few songs you'd like to see on here :o) If you
submit any lyrics to me, credit will very much be noted!

If you're thinking that your requests won't be looked at for months
you're wrong! I check daily for any requests, and you'll find them
posted on the "Recent Requests" page

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