religion is really a sexual paradigm

you can see it in this woman's dance at the end of this  clip

what do marilyn munroe, hitler and mother teresa have in common?

it's not god but autistic spectrum

autistic spectrum is the continuity of eternity, not religion which is a fake

lapdancer or nun, it's the same


sun article april 11th 2009

A LEGGY lapdancer has ditched her thongs and stilettos — to become a NUN.

Italian beauty Anna Nobili has spent years working in Italian nightclubs.

But now she is using her raunchy routines to perform for the church as Sister Nobili.

The dark-haired 38-year-old says she now only wants to perform “The Holy Dance”.

She even performed in front of senior Catholic clerics at the Holy Cross in Jerusalem Basilica in Rome on Tuesday.

She quit her job performing on podiums when her staunch Catholic mother told her to change her life.

She said: "At first I didn't want to know, but then Jesus appeared to me too, and I fell in love with him."

And she believes her lapdancing past can be reconciled by worshipping God.

Anna added: "He is a God who dances not one who stands still."

The nun now performs religious dances in tours of prisons and hospitals after joining the Working Lady Nuns of Nazareth House.

But she admits her routines are a little less raunchy.

She said: "My body has changed, so the way I dance has changed too."


i think that sex in the italian catholic church has always been accepted, especially as the old popes used to have mistresses and children

that may not be the case now, the present pope, (benedict xvi) is a definite schizophrenic

there's another video of her (taken down), almost pornographic with a phallic cross at the end and one has to wonder about her relation with the priest

the catholic priesthood in the usa, australia, new zealand, the uk and spain is much more into young boys, i'll never forget visiting the catholic monastery at new norcia north of perth (australia) which is a testimony to paedophilia


what we call religion today is really a corpse of the power wielded by these what were really governing bodies of the state in medieval times

medicine is the new religion because of it's perceived power against death and pain which is all people have really cared about and this uncritical cult worship has lead to the usual problems of inversion of effect

among which are, vaccine damage, the medicalization of the diet, the malign influence of incompedent university nutritional schools, and the abrogation of responsibility for one's and one's families health

i have seen it so consistently and often, from mother teresa to popes, to zen “masters”, even toni packer, they don't believe in anything except the power of medicine to save them from death and pain

i think the huge toll and bizzareness of the crusades caused an eventual turning against christianity


interesting comment by Josie

catholicism and sexuality is so heavily intertwined. I must say this whole thing had me laughing out loud. Wish it didnt make me so angry at the same time.

The dance is so blatantly sexual, badly in the guise of something devotional.

Lapdancer or nun, the same, -you are definitely right about that!!!

There is this little Greek island called Andros in the cycladics and there is a priest who lives there up in the hills. They had a doc about him and the Greek orthodox church (sigh!) on BBC. For yrs after, tourists would go and take a recording of this to give him.

The funny thing is these videos then got thrown (literally) in his back room alongside his massive collection of porn and his dog who a friend of ours caught him having sex with in the church. Pete said his bed was literally propped up with porno mags LOL.

This would all be fine if they weren't throwing guilt at 'mere mortals' in amounts that are probably carcinogenic.

Let's not get me on the subject of the church and young boys, the UK is the same. Priests just getting moved on after being found out. This physically makes me feel very sick.

I suppose she would be better looked after in the church than in the clubs?


Sister Anna, originally from Milan, says she was 'inspired' during a visit to the shrine of St Francis in Assisi.

Yesterday she said: 'I was throwing away my life dancing for men. I was being used as a drug by people who wanted to see me dance.

'But now my life has changed, I have been reborn. I have never given up dancing but now I dance for God.

'I am like St Paul who was converted on the road to Damascus.'

Sister Anna added: 'I really liked my old life. I was at the centre of looks but then I realised I was throwing my life, my body and my sexuality away.

'The nights were dark, they were filled with evil, with sex and with drugs.'

'Now I use dance as a form of prayer - through dance I enter into harmony with the Word of God.'

'I would dance nonstop in another disco. I would even go to places outside Milan, for example, Amsterdam, where I would stay for four or five days.

'Then one day I went to Assisi and I was struck by how beautiful the sky was.

'I saw something fluorescent within the clouds, a cascade of colour and I felt the presence of God, the Creator.

'I started dancing and people were looking at me - I got on the train back to Milan and I felt as if God was in me.

'It was such an emotional moment - when I looked at myself in the train toilet mirror I didn't recognise myself.

'It was a transfiguration - I danced in the club one more night and the men were just looking at me, trying to take me to bed and I knew that was my goodbye.

'I called my boss and I said to him I found a new clean treasure and it was God.'

daily mail  article


   she is autistic like st. francis of assisi !