tiny brown wren

beak full of dried grass




building a nest

in the snake skin acer

her mate


a flash of deep blue

joins in her labours

twittering loudly

thier nest at ground level

concealed in the grass

art in the making

thier fledglings doomed

                      eileen    9th september 2009

sweet surprise those fairy wren fledgelings made it out of the nest onto the wing....

the ones from the ground level nest in my lawn

the family now tours my garden with a very panic ridden young mother bird calling if i get too close Lol

yeah they left the nest a little while ago, i started stumbling across them as a family group it is so lovely

it was very quick maturation i was surprised

but i guess its all in keeping with that they as a bird live a very fast life

            3rd november 2009