in my deepest delusions

i worry that my work may not fit the criteria for the nobel prize for literature

or maybe not so deep!

it really boils down to this work having an idealistic nature

which in fact it does

because it's voluntary

it is in fact a category breaking idealism

that of infinity pursued

untrammelled by worldly realities




category breaking is really like a joker

it can be nominated

to be anything

to be fair to the nobel committee

they occasionally give very deserving awards

and its not easy for writers in non-english languages

their main weakness is the way commercial success is basically a criteria

tho they have given it very occasionally without a real commercial backdrop

i know the value of what i write but no-one else does

i can actually see it all disappearing with me when i die

its going to disappear when i die i know

sad and not sad

its value is what it is

and wether it persists or not

that doesn't change