the mother writes a riveting account and is worth reading on that basis alone

the issue i have is that having done my research i know that jesus is fictional, that is, he never existed historically

so i know its synthetic, the question is, how well aligned the fiction is with reality, in fact her younger brother ilia seems to be much more on the ball in that respect, i liked his  poems,  (5/8/10 eset claims the link has a trojan !) the tone is much more realistically atheistic

akiane is like pleasant day dream, but having read her poetry you can see the usual autistic agony and misfitness

i'm not buying that akiane didn't have any background in this, some of it is straight russian/greek orthodox mysticism, that didn't come from nowhere

maybe one of the parents, maybe her reading, maybe somewhere else


have had a very hard life and i don't bregrudge them fitting it into the culture they live in along the lines of a kitschy style that will no doubt be most financially remumerative


attractive/girl/teenage artist is always a saleable commodity but the younger son with his more bitter message is not