the metals transport system is basically the flush of sulphur as it is transformed on its way through the body to its ultimate excretion through the intestine, skin hair.

sulphur is just the right chemical stickyness to facilitate essential chemical processes in the body and mercury and other heavy metals, by preferentially binding with sulphur interrupt this flow.

the minerals transport system can be enhanced by

- seleniums - 0.425 mcg/lb each of methylselenocysteine ( and selenomethionine (source naturals? solaray?)

- zinc methionine - (optizinc with its small amount of copper appears to be ok)

- magnesium, manganese, boron, iodine, molybdenum, chromium, enzymes, no fenol, low rda b vits, vitamin a's carotenes oral vitamin d(higher than rda) high sun/skin pre vitamin d/lumisterol/tachysterol ........................... broad based supplementation acts to displace toxic metals and is a better way to go than chelation imo. the methylselenocysteine is important as selenomethionine does not appear to convert that freely to the cysteine forms. sodium selenite like most unchelated mineral forms upsets stomach flora and not build body levels of selenium.

with capsule supplements that have rice or potato starch fillers its best to tip that portion of the capsule you are taking into the mouth and mix with syliva to expose the starch to the amylase in the syliva for improved digestion. it is better to find supplements without these fillers but sometimes its unavoidable.

very small(300 mcg?) frequent amounts of lithium can be helpful for reducing hyper and stabilising mood.

all the of the bulk minerals seem to inhibit the absorbtion of each other, zinc, magnesium, calcium esp zinc so i just keep them apart(don't take calcium at all) and i keep the micro stuff like selenium away from these as well......

Please bear in mind that trace minerals have window doses of usefuleness, to little leads to deficency, the right dose gives function and too high a dose can be poisonous or toxic. some minerals are relatively benign in toxicity like magnesium, calcium and molybdenum but others like selenium, boron and chromium are toxic or poisonous in too large a quantity. please be responsible and keep freedom of choice to supplement with these away from from regulatory interference.

mercury acts like a chainsaw on the tree-like neuron structures in the brain and lifting mercury at a faster rate than its natural dissociation as chelators do without guaranteeing that the mercury remains locked into the chelator is to put too many free floating chainsaws around :o)

attention to metals tranport enhancement and broad based supplements while avoiding the pitfalls of excessive amounts since many otc formulations esp of b vitamins are way too large........will give sustainable long term improvements to function while brain medications are destructive and create a future burden of care.

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in particular be warned that the autism - mercury board harrasses more neutral viewpoints about the pros and cons of chelation so what you read is biased

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