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spices and odourants increasing gut motility

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the microbiome has  a strong influence  on inducing serotonin production in the digestive system and hence modulating gastrointestinal motility and  platelet  function !

peristalsis is  dependent  on signalling from the right microbiome to function correctly

scarring of the intestine is another important factor in constipation, and unfortunately a vicious circle !

using  the squatting position  to defecate enables a greater degree of constipation to be coped with, i feel that since homonids evolved in an arid area that we are designed to cope with some degree of constipation and the squatting position opens up this savancy for us !

squatting avoids haemorrhoids as well !

dried figs are laxative, prunes too and prunes are high in vitamin k

dragonfruit are laxative

watch out for potassium sorbate used a preservative with prunes, it's toxic and i have made it bcd illegal

what i do with prunes is cut them open and remove the stones then boil for about 5 minutes which both pasturizes and hydrates them, two or three a day can modulate stool softness about right when on the BCD !

good prune brands in australia are J. C.'s and Verity !

kiwifruit have a mild laxative in them, possibly the  pectin  in them

“ Data showed that the kiwifruit monoK pectin was  “superior to inulin”  for boosting the adhesion of Lactobacillus rhamnosus and reducing adhesion of the undesirable bacterium Salmonella typhimurium. On the other hand, only inulin and citrus pectin enhanced the adhesion of Bifidobacterium bifidum ”

dragon fruit is laxative

i peel the skin off, cut into about four slices and pasturize in a shallow fry pan with a bit of water

i think the seeds are a bit hard on the gut, not something i would eat too much of, or that regularly

well cooked small orange pumpkins are laxative, i say well cooked because if they are not completely cooked to the point of wet softness (in my pressure cooker), they are quite biofilmic , which although laxative extends further to the point of stomach discomfort !

unsurprisingly  (from BCD point of view),  a high fiber diet does not decrease the risk of diverticulosis but  increases  it !

“ those with the lowest fiber intake were 30 percent less likely to develop diverticula than those with the highest fiber intake

the study also found constipation was not a risk factor and that having more frequent bowel movements actually increased a person's risk. compared to those with fewer than seven bowel movements per week, individuals with more than 15 bowel movements per week were 70 percent more likely to develop diverticulosis

the study found no association between diverticulosis and physical inactivity, intake of fat, or intake of red meat. The disease's causes remain unknown, but the researchers believe gut flora may play a role ”


a whole capsule (15mg) of the vrp ultra K2 is laxative

100 iu a day of alpha d tocopherol vitamin e is laxative too but you need to keep up the vit k veges like spinach

@115lbs i take about 30iu of vit e  (d alpha tocopherol)  a day

however spinach and silverbeet/chard are quite hard on the gut and can damage it to the point of exacerbating allergies so you need to be careful

marmite/vegemite  (australia and new zealand)  is laxative but yeast promoting

the anal sphincter muscles that hold in fecal matter  (poop)  are not designed to relax on european designed toilets, humans are designed to squat on the ground when defecating

squatting promotes correct spine alignment and stimulation of the sacral nerves involved in bladder and colon function


minute amounts of vanadyl  sulfate  are laxative !


radhe writes:

A mother on pecanbread posted about her child needing a certain minimum amount of fluid every day to have regular bms. I calculated K's needs based on approximate weight and height to be 64oz for 80lbs and when I do that, she is regular with her bms.


R. asks

Andrew, Jemma has been taking the houston enzymes for about two years. The first year and a half was just the three, one of each with every meal and snack, more to catch any accidental casein or gluten. Then, a few months ago, I started upping the dosage, and brought it up to three ZPs and two Peps and one NF per meal. She was still eating rice and lentils then. Now, these were the cellulose version. I did notice some good improvements with her which she retained. But, she developed a hard, distended band about 6”wide by 2”high spanning her navel. She seems to have almost constant pain there. The distension is about 2”. Given that she is a size 10/12, she wears a size 14 right now with a belt since her belly aches otherwise. She has never presented with this before.

Currently, I have reduced the number of enzymes she eats. She has been on the rice bran ones for the last two and half months. Also, now that we are scd, she takes a couple of peps with her meat, one zyme with avocadoes, two zymes if heavy on the veggies like green beans. With the veggies I always give her one NF. I give her broth away from meals and that is with one pep.

Please help me troubleshoot.

I need to also let you know that it has now been three weeks on scd. Very simple, straightforward foods like poached chicken, broth, pressure cooked veggies, clo one tsp. once a day, about 3/4 cup of yoghurt. She developed a fever for two days last week, but don’t think it was a new virus from outside because I always catch it from her and this time nothing for me. Also, her disposition had been much improved prior to this after starting scd, but on coming out of this fever, the last three days she has been a peach. Absolutely, straight on, completely normal eye contact. Normal speech, voice and intonation have improved. Very calm and deliberate in the way she carries herself. Stimming significantly reduced. Very interactive, wants to play and has been willing to play board games and such quite eagerly.

I am concerned about the stomach.

my reply:

you don't think its impacted fecal matter?

one no-fenol per meal might be a bit much, no more than two a day

don't let her become dehydrated

you do need the fruit with scd for its laxative effect

with all the changes you have gone from a lot of gut fermentation to very little and it is showing in the neural improvements, but it's the bacterial fermentative by products that make the stools loose

getting the balance right is a basic problem of scd

100iu of vitamin e for a few days can be quite laxative

organic kiwifruit also have a laxative effect (don't eat the ordinary, too many pesticides with a skin that seems to retain them)

you can pasturise say bananas and kiwifruit by shallow pan frying a bit in fat (but the fruit needs to be already ripe)

defecating in a squatting positon helps keep the right muscles strengthened

R. replies:

How do I know? She is moving her bowels at least once a day, though recently, not earlier, its hard. You are right, since scd, less and harder bms.

She does not like fruits at all. And I have not encouraged because of the yeast concerns.

Jemma is happy and smiling like I have not seen her in the last several years. I was thinking maybe wait for a week or so for her to stabilize and assimilate the changes and enjoy her peace. (ed. andrews advice is to work on the constipation now)

L. writes:

Right after I came off being a vegan, I was having liquidy diarriaha 20-30 times a day (did while I was a vegan as well) but when I had an x-ray done I had this same impacted matter, stupid dr. had no idea what it was and didn't really care. There was so much it actually caused a scoliosis of the spine


an openblooms thread titled "was runny now constipated" (july 06)

J. writes:

Hi all, Jay normally goes and has done since born once every 2 days. Not ideal but as it has been his pattern since birth I've not been concerned. Last week it was the greeny brown runny 3 times in one day and now we're on our 4th day with no bm, he doesn't seem to be in pain, but want to help him, he is eating without the red ears he got in the past; carrot, courgettes, squash, bit of cooked pear, avocado, little cooked onion, tiny bit cooked beet, lamb, chicken, meat balls, pork chops, beef but not sure if that may have caused the const. as he ate quit a bit the past few days, he is having with each meal hnzyme and no fenol, tiny bit afp pep every now and then, fish oil once a day and bone broth with each meat dish. ( meat sits in broth/soup) Could I give him a diluted freshly made carrot juice or some other kind of juice to help him along with bm,beet? any other food ideas, keeping in mind his limited food at the mo? would it matter if I gave him a juice just this once? I am trying to avoid buying another supp for this purpose as I really want to get optizinc/ whichever zinc I can get in Uk that is comparable to the source naturals one. I tried him with a little ester c but he went really hyper/ silly with it, so have stopped it for now, thanks for your time and any advice


my reply:

take broth away from meals as the extra fluid at a meal dilutes the stomach acid and digestive juices

i would separate the meat out for meals and the broth as an in between meal

i am not in favour of veg juices

vit e is laxative


J . replies

thanks Andrew, do I not have any foods that I can give him to help?


my reply:

enzymes can reduce the fecal mass so that stools one every two or three or even four days can be normal, especially if candex is added.

oreganol can be a irritating and stool loosening, don't know that i would recommend it for this.

scd is an anti diarreha diet, the flip side of that is it is a bit constipating, though soem segementing of the stool is to be expected with BCD

cooked gold or ordinary kiwifruit and bananas seem to make for a looser stool, vegemite/marmite (unbelievably banned in the usa by the stupid fda) can be loosening, b vits in general are stool loosening, vit e as i said

shouldn't have gone like that with a small amount of ester c, something else in it? maybe it is a bit promoting of bad gut flora?

i think it must be cause larger amounts are laxative and that means it must be feeding bacteria

generally things that help with bile are stool loosening

a drop of orally taken ammonia iodine is laxative, the ammonia is a bit toxic i think and certainly loosens the stools for a short period of the intestine

a bit of a bcd illegal yogurt mixed in with a much larger amount of bcd legal yogurt can be laxative, like in australia, a teaspoon of the vaalia strawberry low fat yogurt mixed into a larger amount of the pauls 'natural set' fat free acidophilus yogurt


J. replies

problem solved itself thankfully , on the hard side but hardly any straining and deep dark brown, wahey!!!!!! new word today and beautifully said...... cow moooooooooooooo lovely addition and they were gorgeous cows, in the river bathing, I ams still interested in foods I can give if it happens again, ideas? beets?


my reply

see my previous reply but you want to think in terms of a general approach rather than specific foods



Olfactory Receptors on Human Intestinal Enterochromaffin (EC) Cells Function as Sensors for Spices and Odorants

One primary research focus in GI disorders is how and why the system reacts to certain foods or other stimulants; specifically, researchers are investigating the primary factors responsible for regulating digestion. Enterochromaffin (EC) cells, which are present throughout the digestive system, release serotonin (a chemical associated with the etiology of various diseases such as migraine, diarrhea, respiratory disturbances and hypertension) and are important in regulating gut motility.

Researchers investigated whether EC cells in the intestine express nasal olfactory receptors (ORs, receptors used for smelling) to determine whether odorants present in spices, fragrances, cigarettes, detergents and cosmetics may cause serotonin release, thereby provoking a GI response.

To evaluate this connection, researchers studied human EC cells isolated from mucosal biopsies by laser microdissection and an EC derived cell line. The experiments revealed expression of several ORs in the isolated EC cells, as well as the cell line. Using digital fluorescence imaging, the team found that activation of the cells with odorants caused elevation of intracellular Ca2+, followed by serotonin release up to 10-fold that of the controls. Odorants like thymol (thyme), eugenol (cloves), bourgeonal (floral, lily-of-the- valley), helional (brown algae) and substances present in roses, bananas or raspberries, specifically, caused an elevation of Ca2+ levels.

The findings suggest that these types of odorants may cause a serotonin-related GI reaction. The effects could be inhibited by known OR antagonists, such as methyl isoeugenol (a competitive antagonist of eugenol) or by blocking Ca2+ influx (e.g., via Ca2+ channels with nifedipine, a drug used in the treatment of hypertension because it relaxes blood vessels).

“ the results show that odorants present in the gut may stimulate serotonin release via olfactory receptors expressed in human enterochromaffin cells in the gut mucosa, serotonin controls peristalsis and is implicated in pathological conditions such as vomiting, diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome. thus, olfactory receptors are potential novel targets for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and motility disorders ”

my comment:

the down side of spices, especially tabasco, is they promote haemerroids

chocolate has a laxative effect from its effecting the release of seratonin in the gut

wholegrain mustard seed condiments have a laxative effect, more so than the hulled pastes ?



alison asks:

"How does one know that something is working for someone who, like me, has probably had a lifetime, (41 yrs), of dysbiosis, (and I don't have obvious symptoms like D.)?"

my reply:

you have to look at stools and urine and you will be able to judge after a while

thats every stool, urine is not so important but cloudiness or sediment is usually some biofilm problem

colour, aeration/compactness and consistency of the stool, its a spectrum and palette, not any best stool per say

bcd properly done will give a stool with some segmentation (to some degree like sheep shit) from less bacterial/biofilm metabolites and hence less fluid

mood and feeling is another very good indicator

it's becoming clear to me that the vast majority of people are either unable or unwilling to do the degree of work with the intensity it requires to really get better and prefer to babble on message boards ad infinitum enriching useless doctors or naturopaths or hopeless supplement sellers

the american motto appears to be, if it's free or do it yourself its worthless and the more it dollars costs, the more its worth

my experience is the only thing that matters is getting better and lasting the distance because over about six years now i have seen most people drop out or get on a constant slope of regression which takes them out of the normal concourse of existance









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