as related by her friend Carol

Elaine came to visit me by train. We had some extra hours to spend before going to the station for her return trip and she wanted to tour an upscale department store

A makeup artist was doing free applications and I urged Elaine to have this done. At the end of the session she looked beautiful, but natural. However, she felt obligated to buy two products even thought the demonstration was free. The cost was excessive and she was furious with me for encouraging this whole thing. I convinced her she was not required to make the purchase and she got a refund.

Then she stomped out of the store and said this was where the wives of those doctors that did testing shopped and they just sucked the poor autism parents dry with all their expensive procedures.

Even though we were two hours early for her train, she insisted on being taken to the station and left there.

 over 50 years on the specific carbohydrate diet for ulcerative colitis :   judy herod, daughter of elaine gottschall 


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