basically you should be able to tolerate the houstonni enzymes that include some fruit enzymes i.e. pep and hn-zyme.

also candex

the enzymedica 'lacto' enzyme blend is mild and could also be tried

if you or your child do not tolerate these, then you have severe biofilm and leaky gut with high histamine

candex may be the simplest test, but be cautious, the biofilm toxins released by the enzymes attacking the biofilm can be very nasty,   just try tiny amounts (1/8th of a capsule?) and work up.

i had a biofilm from eating too much stewed apple over quite a while and three candex caused the most unusual pain and feeling in the intestine about 10 hours later, i couldn't do anything except walk around (may 2008) - an obstructed appendix from biofilm and sleeping on my back - see  appendix problems  on the osteoarthritis and joints page

activated charcol may help absorbing the toxins

thats really first base, you have to get there and if you are not, anything else in the way of therapies is a waste of time