a high salt diet  compromises  the brain microvasculature, leading to altered brain function and cognitive impairment


chloraminated cooking water and iodized salt  create  toxic compounds !

its best not to use iodized salt for cooking !

himalayan rock salt  (in reality from the khewra mine in pakistan)  has significant amounts of inorganic magnesium, potassium and sulphur in which may feed malign gut biofilm and also have a laxative effect

in fact refined salt which has the laxative minerals magnesium and potassium removed may be best !

the free flow agent  (dryer)  sodium ferrocyanide  (E535)  used in some salt products makes me feel a bit     unusual  ,  not sure why, but i avoid it now !

alcohol may amplify its toxicity !

another free flow agent free flow agent in salt, aluminium sodium silicate  (E554)  is a stomach irritant and also absorbs needed trace minerals like molybdenum.

this is also an issue with NCD which is in fact clinoptilolite

zeolite (NCD) helps mop up ammonia from bad bacteria and yeast metabolism in the gut, but really its way better to use enzymes and compendium supplements to get the biofilm under control so that no ammonia is made

some of the dryers used in the usa seem less toxic but generally i am not happy with the dryers used which unfortunately rules out table salt as a source of  iodine  which means some other form of iodine supplementation is necessary.

having seen the pronounced effect of iodine supplementation on pregnant cats and their offspring being so much more with it and intelligent it is VERY important that there is some iodine in the diet so its better to have salt even with the driers rather than have no iodine at all

the amount of iodine in iodised salt  varies  according to country health regulations, manufacturer, humidity, heat and storage times

uniodized salts do not have anything like enough iodine in them and kelp supplements are problematic

adequate iodine during pregnancy and lactation have a huge bearing on children's intelligence

an aluminium-fluoride neurotoxin forms when fluoride combines with trace amounts of aluminium, displacing iodine


an enzymesandautism post discussed  magnetic clay  and wether the trace amounts of heavy metals in it were an issue

i have read of aborigines in australia  (bathurst island  —  patrick ritchie's excellent book,    north of the never never   )  eating clay

i think the clay must work the same as zeolite, has a huge internal structure that soaks up organics, this is an issue with zeolite as a dryer in salt , too absorbative of trace minerals

i have seen a hair test high in titanium and bismuth  (pepto-bismol?)  from a young girl ingesting the clay regularly

the hair test also indicated trace mineral insufficiencies.

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