starting enzymes

undigested food particles getting across a leaky gut create autoimmune issues

the scd legality of enzymes

using enzymes efficiently

a full general  write-up  on  enzyme use  on the supplement page in the compendium index


the first issues are how bad and virulent the biofilm is, and how leaky the gut is, because that will affect how and what enzymes you can initally tolerate

grains and potatoes need to have been eliminated to, or that worked towards, and an understanding of the BCD developed

leaky gut or the seal of the gut cell membrane junctions has to be addressed from an overall supplementation view, but the omega 3's in fish oil and possibly the omega 6's in say, sunflower oil are important.

don't overdo the fish oil, it is a short term supressor of the anti-viral immune system

also, oral ethanol iodine tincture or skin application as per  my iodine page  may help with gut leakiness. (improved thyroid function!)

choline which is in decent eggs is also important

but leaky gut is an overall supplement and gut fermentation problem

seeing how quick a bit of melatonin can act after swallowing is a good indication of leaky gut, if it acts in five minutes, the gut is very leaky, half an hour and the gut is not very leaky

starting with 1/4 to 1/16th of a capsule of the scd zyme prime or possibly the enzymedica lacto, then building in the houstonni afp-pep and the scd no fenol enzymes and candex, may be the way to go

because the dpp-iv in afp-pep inhibits GLP-1, the use of this enzyme is more complex than i had intially thought, so my advice on this is  here

see this  page  on taking no fenol and candex with about 15-17ml with water for best effect

i never take candex too regularly, it's not a balanced supplement with its lack of finesse in phenol cleaving, however it is effective on yeasty biofilms

you can use two no fenol = one candex, but actually i just take a no fenol after each of the two daily meals i eat which i didn't used to, however too much no fenol overpromotes the adrenaline pathways

the enzyme action of candex is coarse and doesn't cut the phenol and other sugars with enough finesse and this has flow on effects to the immune system

devin houstons formualtions as per the compendium are remarkable for thier finesse and ability to be taken continually

i am not against the use of candex, just against continual use beyond several days as an ongoing anti-biofilm remedy

i will still take the occasional candex like for a slightly sore stomach on waking

no fenol is better for yeast/biofilm but of course promotes adrenaline, though actually there is an opposing effect from iodine, if you take more iodine there is less enervating effect from the no fenol

iodine tends to bind up tyrosine, so the more iodine, the less free tyrosine.

however no fenol makes more tyrosine which is a noradrenaline precursor

you can actually see why very high doses of iodine were given for graves disease, these high doses had a forking action of deprecating adrenaline and thyroidal proteins in the thyroid

the gut biofilm needs to be brought under control or any supplements just go to feed the biofilm and don't get through to the host (you or your child)

magnesium taurate causing behavior problems might be a sign that there is a still a very malign fermenting biofilm that is breaking down and feeding on the magnesium taurate

i want to remake the point about if a cow-like biofilm is there, you can't really get to first base with supplementation until that is under control because the biofilm just chew's up the supplements before they can be absorbed


well in fact i was terrified when i started using  houston  enzymes way back and ordered hn-zyme as the least umm terrifying and then moved on to pep after i could see hn-zyme was working

that was pretty much without trauma, just some loose stools about the second day

i have some new thinking on biofilms that if there is an invasive biofilm, then some caution would be needed with a protease (protein digesting) enzyme like the houstonni pep because it would start in on the gut wall at the biofilm binding sites.

because biofilms usually need a surface to anchor to, any gut biofilm must very invasively hooked into gut wall cells and enzyme proteases would probably give a nasty reaction, so probably its best to start with the houstonni hn-zyme first rather than pep.

however biofilms do have proteins in (important to the structural integrity of the biofilm) so proteases are helpful/needed for deconstruction of the biofilm so its a catch 22, if theres no UC/chron's then perhaps the houstonni peptizyde  —  substantial proteases can be worked in much more quickly

if you have a stomach ulcer, the stomach wall is exposed through it so the proteolytic enzymes afp-peptizyde and bromelain may be a problem !

a woman with ulcerative colitis or similar  (chron's ?)  who did not tolerate hn-zyme was able to slowly build up use of the enzymedica  ‘ lacto ’  enzyme formulation which appears to be quite gentle and effective

a bad reaction to proteases may be indicative of invasively anchored biofilms on the intestine or stomach wall

colitus is likely an invasive intestinal biofilm infection with overactive immune excitation and skew

it would pay to get candex and oreganol as well to knock back yeast and bad bacteria

its not just enzymes, you have to come at it from a number of different angles

i think over the years especially back years and years ago when i wasn't really doing supps, a very small amount of vit e and occasional chelated zinc was what saved my butt

thats the houstonni enzymes rice bran oil versions and in capsules

the capsules act as a moisture barrier and keep the enzymes fresher and the tocotrienols in the rice bran acts as a preservative

with the powder once you open the bottle, unless you keep the dessicant refreshed occasionally they are going to get damp quicker

the filler in the scd houstonni enzymes is mcs and seems to ferment a bit in the gut

whereas the rice bran oil filler just seems to plain work way better, maybe because of the tocotrienol content (form of vit e), hard to say. it maybe that the anti oxidant content of the rice bran oil protects the enzymes from degregation.

C. writes

Devin from Houstons told me he felt like the rice bran oil is digested faster, and that he felt like the cellulose tended to "hang around" your gut longer (hope I didn't misquote him, but that was his advice - the enzymes with rice bran oil.) And by the way, the rice bran oil capsules are still scd legal (ed. YES) - several of the BTVC sites say they are legal

J. asks:

My children cannot swallow capsules, is there a problem with opening the capsules and having them swallow the contents at meals?

my answer

hn-zyme is in fact best either sprinkled on the meal from the capsule or tipped down the back of the throat from the capsule after the meal

no fenol and candex are best swallowed whole in the capsule imo but should also be ok tipped from the capsule

tipping pep from the capsule into the back of the throat is a bit hard on the  lingual tonsils

i had been getting the occasional feeling of food stuck in the back of the throat from this

mixing pep with a small quantity of water and drinking that instead of tipping direct into the back of the throat seems to work, as does sprinkling pep on food



paul writes:

"Flechas told me I was barking up the wrong tree trying to reverse Hashimoto's with iodine. That's when he suggested the Betaine and phosphaditylcholine to lower the antibodies. Mine dropped from 96 to 42 and hopefully further next test."

another posters comment:

Flechas said when he monitors antibodies they usually don't change with iodine supplementation

paul writes:

Betaine is a  methyl donor

  “ The foods richest in phosphatidylcholine, the major delivery form of choline, are beef liver, egg yolks and soya. Beef liver, iceberg lettuce, peanut butter, peanuts and cauliflower are some foods that contain free choline. Choline is a precursor for phosphatidylcholine, sphingomyelin, acetylcholine AND the methyl donor BETAINE. This phosolipid makes up 8 % of cell membranes and is found in great quantity in the thyroid. It has a rejuvenating effect on the liver also. ”

Just be aware that some think that therapeutic dosing of methyl donors like betaine may switch off unintended genes such as tumor suppressor genes at the same time.

my comment :

betaine increases stomach acid and phosphaditylcholine is an essential fatty acid important for cell junction seal and cell wall permeability, so it seems reasonable to infer that undigested or partly digested food particles getting across a leaky gut raise thyroid antibodies, and allergies/autoimmune response generally

methyl donation reduces homocysteine and autoimmune/immune response generally

also see  “ e. coli initiating an autoimmune response against the thyroid ”  on my iodine  page

also of interest

what we can  say  is that high added sugars caused bacteria to exit the intestines, go into the blood stream and damage the liver

you can be sure that not just bacteria went across and of course the bacteria themselves in the organs and blood stream excite an auto-immune response which will vary in terms of damaging the thyroid, pancreas, brain, blood - brain barrier etc. depending on the antigens presented by the bacteria  !



only fruit derived enzymes would be scd legal and they  (papain and bromelain)  only cover meat really,  tho very effective for this !

the most effective enzymes are a mixture of fruit and fungal enzymes and the fungi that the enzymes are derived from are fed on maltodextrin and you always get traces of maltodextrin in the enzymes, hence in theory anyway, are  BCD  and  SCD  illegal !

the biofilm carbohydrate diet accomodates these issues in a comprehensive way that builds on elaine gottschall's and sydney haas's work and promotes the use of fungally derived enzymes !



enzymes are proteins themselves so i always separate out pep a bit by giving it say five minutes spacing before taking the others since it is the most likely to consume other enzymes

hn-zyme has a small amount of protease (the protein dissolving enzymes) as well

i tip hn-zyme out of the capsule straight down the back of my throat, but swallow non fenol and candex whole in the capsule as those don't have any proteases in

tipping pep from the capsule into the back of the throat is a bit hard on the  lingual tonsils

i had been getting the occasional feeling of food stuck in the back of the throat from this

mixing pep with a small quantity of water and drinking that instead of tipping direct into the back of the throat seems to work, as does sprinkling pep on food

devins new enzyme trienza seems to be getting mixed results and imo the way it dumps all the enzymes together in one package is not a good idea


you don't want the enzymes to wash through the stomach too quick, i may drink a bit of water somewhat later as i start to feel thirsty from the enzymes needing more fluid to hydrolyze


i usually take enzymes after the meal now, so i figure that the pep is getting bound into the protiens its digesting after five minutes (or longer) and no longer so available to cleave other enzymes

devin does say they are sorta specific and shouldn't interfere too much but i don't agree with that, or with the idea of taking the enzymes 20 minutes before the meal - the stomach just pushes the fluid stuff straight through

yeah its experimental, what works best and 99.999% don't use enzymes effectively and have no interest in using them effectively if you can't just swallow the pill and forget about it and have a nice life so to speak (the nice life appears to mean send the kids to school and forget about them)

devin is not listening hard enough to customers who use his products successfully, one big improvement he could make is simply to put the enzymes in decent sealing screw top bottles so dryed dessicants can be used to keep the enzymes dryer over the life use of the bottle

no fenol and candex don't have any proteases in them so its its ok for them to get wet together as the celluose capsule is very slow to dissolve in the stomach


a trick with pep is to eat the protein portion of the meal first, then tipping a capsule of pep into a small amount of water, mixing and swallowing that, then wait half an hour?, then start the rest of the meal

alternatively the pep could be sprinkled on the protein portion of the meal and taken that way

pep tipped out of the capusle down the back of the throat is hard on the lingual tonsils

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