from a openblooms post (05 july 06):

i find that blueberries are high yeast so i fry them with a bit of beef fat making a rather yummy mixture of fluid and berry which seems to kill the yeast

am cooking a lot of fruit now to pasturise the yeast

the longer fruit has been in cold storage the worse it gets for yeast, in season fruit has this issue much less

i would be cautious of too much kale and spinach

skin/oral vitamin d, zinc and metafolin are key supplements in dropping homocysteine and reducing allergies or their potential

i don't have a concept of introductory diet, prefering a 'zero tolerance' approach with foods with issues and working on cooking methods, notions of seasonality and quality and supplier etc to have a 'steady as she goes' approach the continually solves issues on an ongoing basis evaporating the need for an 'introductory diet' anyway.

its very important to get this continual problem solving approach which the japanese call 'kaizan' so you are already onto the problem before it occurs so to speak



(response to a question about store bought versus farm bought goats milk)

decent frozen goats milk is way better than rubbishy fresh goats milk

goats milk is very pasture, season and farmer senstive, at its best which is only when i will buy it, it is superb and won't smell goaty at all

in general i do pasturise raw goats milk by heating to about 68C and then letting cool to drink.

theres a trick you can do with goats milk to make an intense milk treat, and thats to ice filter it.

which is to half freeze the milk so that the water freezes but not the milk so you can pour off a really intense thick milk that tastes great

ice filtering is best done with fresh milk i think


S. writes:

Iced Milk Treats and Blueberries in beef fat

Thank you Andrew! This is the life, there is nothing better

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