“ flu jabs given in morning surgeries may be more  effective  because the immune system is more responsive in the early hours of the day

a more active immune system means more antibodies are made in the body when the vaccine is given ”

herd immunity from vaccines is an  illusion  ?

soliloquy  on getting the state out of  vaccine fiat  but they should be funding a heap more research to make vaccines safer

vitamin D

travel vaccines

remainder to be divided into sections

at the moment the mmr vaccine is inducting an evolutionary winnowing of those unable to tolerate the measles and mumps vaccines in close proximity is this a good idea ?


it's becoming clearer to me that the synthetic vitamin D's used in supplementation and food fortification are not 100%, either the shape's not quite right or there's too many toxisterols in as well, and the synthetic D's do not down-regulate the immune system the way skin d does with its other UV generated factors, especially for males, womens immune systems are not so downregulated by skin D and sun or uvb lamps

it could be that the bilirubin processing from the sun on the skin is also a player, i find the best result comes from a combination of skin and oral D

stephanie seneff argues that the sun makes vitamin D sulphate in our skin and this form which can be about 50% of the circulating vitamin D has quite different properties to supplemental vitamin D and may help protect against adverse vaccine responses !

so a portion of the problem and maybe a large portion of the problem with vaccines (apart from too many vaccines being given too young and too many vaccines too close together overall) is this lack of skin D, though of course oral D is useful

design is also an issue and for want of the billion dollars needed to be put into vaccine design, the human genetic future has been corrupted

those who make decisions about vaccines would be among the higher income earners and no doubt get holidays in sunny places like florida, the bahama's and mexico with their children and see adverse reactions to vaccines a lot less frequently than those who are starved of skin D, indeed avoid it because of the anti skin d propaganda by the media promolgated  medical political correctness

the cervical cancer vaccine appears to be ok if given when the sun gives sufficient vit d and the recipient has been sunbathing

the surprising thing is that dermatologists privately usually recognise the need for skin d but a combination of liability law and the total brainlessness and cowardice of todays journalist's give rise to this media promolgated view

i have built myself special vitamin D lamps using a 2 ft broadband uvb tube and also a compact tube lamp that seem to be working ok, though i keep a sharp watch out for any darkening moles  (see the compendium  moles  section on what i do to remove moles)

there is a distinct difference between uvb made skin D and the oral supplement D's, however i use/do both

1000 iu daily of oral vitamin D may be too immune supressing for some people, i really am better on smaller amounts like 300iu



people who travel a lot internationally like tiger woods and other sporting celebrities and i guess people like obama who would be stuffed full of travel vaccines get very affected by them, in part because usually several vaccines are given at the same time

they really get downsized intellectually, george bush was on the verge of alzheimers imo

just a permanent mental and general health downsizing (including joint issues) which shows !

the basic problem with vaccines is not the pharms but political, governments are not prepared to put the ten or twenty billion dollars over thirty years or so that vaccine safety research needs

no, that money has to go on stupidly started and run wars apparently


REMAINDER TO BE   divided into sections

diabetes is interesting because it used to be one of the "we are sorry you have diabetes but medicine is wonderful and everything is going to be ok"

but actually diabetes starts to kill the brain - there's new research on this

you can see it in people with diabetes if you look

with the vaccine holocast for kids in the usa and diabetes and pancreas islet destruction from that (especially in reaction to the hep B vaccine with insufficient vitamin D in the body), you have nightmare of the most horrendous proportions emerging, makes the WW1 trenches look like a cake walk

interestingly vitamin D itself   ( 4000iu daily in this study:  article,   abstract )  dramatically increases insulin sensitivity in obese teenagers, the argument being that because vitamin D is fat soluble, in obese people it ends up in the fat rather than metabolized, so large doses are needed !

obese individuals need to take in about twice as much vitamin D as their lean peers to maintain sufficient levels


a revealing dutch  study  showing the general increase in illness and developmental issues with vaccinated children compared to unvaccinated

you can also see the effect of reduced incidence of the diseases the vaccines were for (though measles was higher in vaccinated) so it shows the tradeoffs


there's an interesting study showing that the south american parasite 'chagas' causes night blindess and heart issues because the chagas antigens have almost identical protein sequences to heart cells and rhodopsin

our immune design is a bit cheapskate, it only looks for one protein sequence in a pathogen hence runs quite a high risk one or more of the bodies own proteins matching up with the pathogens protein sequence and consequent autoimmune attack

also see number 22 near the bottom of the page


"Night Blindness Is A New Clinical Symptom Of Chagas Disease" levin et al 2006

an intra-cellular chagas protein resembles the beta 1-adrenergic receptor on the surface of heart cells and also affects rhodopsin, a molecule that converts light into electrical impulses sent to the brain.

it was shown that cow eye rhodopsin, which is similar to the human protein, reacts with antibodies produced by Chagas patients.

Rhodopsin and beta1-adrenergic receptors in heart cells belong to the same class of molecules, a subfamily of the G-protein-coupled receptors


andy cutler's estimate of the vaccine holocast (october 2007) :

"At this point there are maybe 10 million brain damaged children (ranging from dyslexia to autism) and 30,000 dead children in the USA due to the vaccine holocaust.


the giving of vaccines to very young infants must be extremely problematic given that thier immune systems are dominated by antibodies from the mother

children under 15 months have immune system differences that make them more susceptible to vaccine damage, this problem is amplified in the early months after birth when the baby is being breast fed because of the way its immune system is modulated by the mothers milk. non-breastfed babies may be even more susceptible.

“ infant's  immune  systems actually respond to infection with more speed and strength than adults, but the immunities they create fail to last ”

a babies gut, especially new born babies is still permissive of macro molecules getting across so you can get very destructive resonant interactions like the hep b vaccine inducing a reaction against the pancreas islets, then if the baby is on formula feed with cows milk, the beta lactoglobulin whey protein also induces a reaction against the beta cell pancreas islets by undermining T cell regulation of the beta cells    study

so you have a multiplying effect and certain wholesale destruction of the pancreas islet beta cells and likely induced diabetes

i would imagine the issues with the hep b vaccine and beta lactoglobulin extend to any age if there is a leaky gut and cows milk or whey is being drunk, and the addition of low vitamin d would give an almost certain induction of some degree of type 1 diabetes

obviously a new born has come from a very different immune system enviroment in the mothers womb with all sorts of modulations to accomodate the mother/unborn baby differences.... it must tax its system to the limit just adjusting to this in the months from birth... boys may be much more susceptible to vaccine damage, genetically girls are more resilient to just about anything, however they are not exempt in any way from the problems, i know of a normal five year old girl who developed OCD as a result of her five year vaccinations. she had an autistic brother.

relatively speaking the new born gut is sterile and in the very early days has a huge immune learning curve to promote the right gut flora.

a lot more research is needed to determine what happens if you give a vaccine to a child within the first months of birth, or even just follow up studies of what is being done now in the USA

vaccination of children under three and a half years should be approached with a high degree of caution, developing immune systems are not able to handle stress as well as adult ones. also by three and a half the childs diet is very similar to that of an adult, so presumably any impact by vaccines on the digestive system is minimised.

also the myelin nerve sheathing is more developed by the age three and vaccines have been shown to be very destructive of myelin nerve sheathing development in the brain.

however this has to be balanced against the risk of getting a disease. local conditions and family history will give pointers here.

immune sytems develop from experience in a similar way to the brain, so full spectrum illness may be a necessary part of an immature immune systems development.


having chicken pox gives protection against the most common type of brain tumour, i wonder if the rise in childhood brain tumours is related to some children being vaccinated and not getting chickenpox naturally.

its something to do with some chickenpox antibodies having the receptors that seek out this type of brain tumour.

it would not surprise me that we had evolved a symbiotic relationship with some of these ubiqutious diseases that have been with us for millenia.

"They found that a history of chicken pox significantly reduced the risk of developing anaplastic astrocytoma - a midgrade severity tumor type. The risk of developing the other two kinds of tumors studied was also reduced - 40 percent for glioblastoma, the most aggressive and lethal type of brain tumor and 22 percent for low-grade gliomas , but not significantly so."   article

the other side is that chicken pox is a human herpes virus 3 and infection is life long and only supressed, never eliminated

the varicella vaccine virus almost eliminates shingles in children  study

i think actually you have to get the varicella vaccine as a child now because if you get it naturally you may be bedevilled by shingles in later life because there is so little natural infection around to keep the immune system primed against the varicella/herpes zoster !

big increases in shingles in those naturally infected by chicken pox because there is not enough live virus around now is an emerging health issue


why any vaccine is a problem. its that the damage coming from any illness is only in part from the illness. the rest of the damage comes from the immune response attacking the bodies own tissues, neurological tissue appears especially susceptible, the pancreas also.

the reason this happens is that especially for severe illness types, the immune system always has a problem distinguishing the invader from the bodies own tissue, the body figures that its better to waste a bit of its own tissue than risk a few viruses still remaining and the infection cycle begin all over again. so it scatter guns a bit, neural pruning can be one consequence. if you have seen feral animals, if they get ill they die, so the immune system is exremely reactive to the intial stages of infection and most of the damage of illness is from immune response since to permit more invasive infection is a disaster.

so with every vaccination you get some degree of this effect (maybe very unstable amplifications with double/triple vaccines or single vaccines too close together).

so children are getting a far higher than natural number of severe illnesses and consequently are being neurologically and genetically traumatised.


the hep b vaccine can overdrive the immune (interferon?) response to the insulin making beta cells in the pancreas, killing them.

this is because some of the protiens on the hep b virus are the same as on the pancreas beta cells, there may be other factors as well.

the hep b vaccine also seriously interferes with brain development in newborns and young children, since beta cell damage reduces the amount of insulin available for the insulin receptors on neurons

“When a molecule of insulin, a hormone, "docks" with the receptor, a complex signaling cascade is set in motion inside a cell.....

insulin receptor signaling correlates with the density of the synapses, or neuron-to-neuron connections, in brain circuits. Insulin receptors maintain synaptic density and that synapse density decreases when insulin receptors are removed or dysfunctional.

the team also secured time-lapse images of dendritic formations, the ethereal, branch-like structures that receive chemical signals sent from one neuron to the next. Again, they found that when insulin receptors are engaged and sending signals inside the neuron, dendritic growth is enhanced, specifically in response to visual stimulation.

experiments in xenopus tadpoles show insulin receptor signaling in neurons regulates the maintenance of synapses, contributes to the processing of sensory information and is also involved in adjusting the plasticity of brain circuits in response to experience. the latter function is particularly interesting, notes dr. cline, since it requires the incorporation of neurons into brain circuits”

“Insulin Receptor Signaling Regulates Synapse Number, Dendritic Plasticity, and Circuit Function In Vivo”   study

from this research the question is raised wether giving a newborn or young child a hep b vaccine is a prosecutable criminal offence


research by alan baxter at james cook university in townsville, australia, and tony basten of the university of sydney raises doubts about the safety of the technique of adjuvants/accelerants in vaccine patches.

The patches contain components of either a virus or bacteria, as do existing vaccines. But they also use accelerants that increase the body's response to the vaccine.

"We've found that the accelerant also accelerates other ongoing tissue damage which may be occurring in the person," Baxter says.

Their research showed that multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes appeared at an earlier stage in mice treated with the accelerant than in other mice.

In type 1 diabetes, the body's immune system mistakenly attacks the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. In multiple sclerosis, it attacks the myelin sheath covering nerves in the brain and spinal cord.

"We found that the way this accelerant increases a person's immune response to the vaccine appears to be exactly the same as the mechanism by which it increases the reaction to your own tissue, and this effect cannot be separated."



3. vaccine damage risk is higher or certain to leave some sort of footprint if child is unwell or if the child is on autistic spectrum or there is any family history of autistic spectrum or other developmental conditions(also sugar metabolism problems like diabetes), some vaccines(esp. double/triple vaccines) have a known history of causation or exacerbating. allergies may also be a form of vaccine damage


4. double/triple vaccines especially with live viral material confuse the immune system and create windows of opportunity for highly invasive and unnatural infections.

also vaccination schedules should be well spaced and the number during childhood and the lifetime kept to an absolute minmium.

research evidence seems to be unambiguously against the mmr, multiple vaccines in one shot excite the immune system too much, as well as the danger of insufficiently attenuated live viral vaccine material or background viruses in the vacinee using the window of confusion of an immune response to several illness at once to cause invasive permanent unnatural infections.

dr. andrew wakefield says that if the measles and mumps are caught naturally within a year of each other there are permanent gut issues and you get a similar effect with the vaccine, especially if vitamin A levels are low and maybe also vitamin D

mary writes (march 3 2008) : "We had delayed his MMR because of the controversy, but had it at 34 mo. for the special preschool intake. It was then that his gut really went down hill."

increase in mumps-related testicle problems among young males  study

dr. wakefield  interview

“ it’s my opinion that it is entirely their responsibility that there has been a declining vaccine uptake in the UK, because they removed the option of the single vaccines and there have been outbreaks of infectious disease as a consequence ”


5. each vaccine has to be researched, there are differences in degree of hazard, but even something as ubiquitous as flu vaccines can impact, i met a lady of about 60 who had worsening symptoms of parkinsons following a flu shot. from a post by a mother on the yahoo  'enzymesand autism'  message board (oct 2002)

My oldest had a reaction to the flu shot at 21. He had the same problem with his eyes dilating so we took him to a nero who had no idea what the problem was. He has been allgeric to wheat since the flu shot but I didn't make the connection until I read this post. A lot of the symptoms of a vaccine reaction are the same but with him being an adult he can describe all of these things. What upsets him the most is feeling like his brain doesn't work, he knows things but can't recall or put them in order. It didn't cause autism but I wonder if he were a small child if it would have progressed to that point??? A number of people we know who are aware of his illness have reacted with surprise at the symptoms because a lot of them can no longer tolerate wheat and dairy like they could before the flu shot. I don't think people realize the damage to the gut a vaccine can do and the consequences

one of the worries with the flu shot is because it is changed each year it is an untested vaccine and there is always the risk of something really weird happening that is not picked up for several years. also in my opinion the adjuvants and preservatives replacing thimersol need a lot more researching which actually seems to be occuring !

some influenza vaccines still have thimerasol (ethyl mercury)  in,  although the single dose bioCSL  fluvax  shot here in australia is thimerosal free.

apparently   fluvax  is more potent than other flu vaccines since its flu virus splitting method retained more virus components than those of other manufacturers.

this is an advantage and disadvantage since it should be more effective, but also in the case of the 2010 vaccine  “ the particular characteristics of the 2010 virus components elicited an excessive immune response in some young children, triggering increased fever and fever-related convulsions ”

  “ it's assumed that the vaccine is more immunogenic as a result.

you always have this trade-off between immune response and the body responding too well and ending up with a high fever and consequent febrile convulsions ”

presumably bioCSL are now much more alert for this  issue  !

  “ fluvax is not currently licensed to be used for children under 5 and is not recommended for children from 5 to 9

children under 9 having their first flu vaccination are given two doses, unlike other people, who are given one ”


6. there are signs that vaccines are being better designed to reduce destructive impact but given the slowness and denial of problems with mmr i think the situation remains as it always has been for indivduals dealing with intrinsically political processes like public health advice .... be wary, don't take public health advice as at all safe and watch for medical political correctness substituting for research INTO BIOLOGICAL MECHANISMS.

just remember that the people giving public health advice usually have complete immunity from prosecution for criminal negligence and have no liability

like the nazi and soviet communist parties,  these  quasi governmental medical people  and bodies are not bound by the normal laws for causing injury, that's basically how tyrannies arise and this new one is a subtle doozy


7. possible mechanism for vaccine damage: (Dr. Singh) "Briefly, he hypothesized that an autoimmune reaction to brain structures, in particular myelin sheath, plays a critical role in causing neurological impairments of patients with autism. He thinks that an immune damage to developing myelin (after a natural infection or vaccination) causes "nicks" or small changes in the myelin sheath, which ultimately leads to life-long problems of higher mental functions such as the skills for learning, memory, communication, social interaction, etc."   from


8. gut flora in the intestine appears to be set in the early months by the immune system learning to identify and attack unfriendly flora, this process is confused or downright misalinged by the immune response to vaccines.... probably this is the single most significant and deleterious effect of vaccines given in the first years and is a signal cause of the spiralling ppd rate since the normative gut flora is essential in providng the enzymes necessary to digest the more cellulose portion of plants to get the sulphur amino acids necessary for brain chemicals. also without the right bacteria(which a vaccine can cause the immune system to misidentify and kill), yeast or fungal overgrowth will occur to varying degrees and load the body and brain with toxins from the yeast etc. and will also degrade the selective permeability of the intestinal barrier allowing partly digested food partciles through with an autistic gluten casein cascade.


9. if the brain is showing any trauma, illness, injury, malnutritive stress(growing stress can be malnutritive btw) then antibodies released as a result of this(something to do with glutamine) can be triggered into killing nerve cells by a vaccine. children have to be in good condition physically in terms of not having illness or stress or injury before a vacccine can be considered and this in fact means that windows of opportunity for vaccination are relatively small. a whole new science of profiling vaccines and individuals is needed so that maximium benefit with least hazard is met, especially making a basic distinction between boys and girls because of the immune system and developmental differences between them. some children esp. those on autistic spectrum or having some degree of neurological malnutrition will never be able to have a vaccine without taking too large a degree of damage.


10. this is a bit hard to get but parents have no social responsibility at all in relation to the infection of others by an unvaccinated child. the reason is that the social institutions responsible for a reasonable care and due diligence in the formulation of vaccines, design and scheduling are so negligent and malign in this that there is no social contract of reward of trust and responsibility. An assumption of adequate research based on well funded areas like heart disease is being made but vaccines are predominantly given at a stage in life when money is short and these complex issues of design, individual profileing and scheduling are sadly lacking. it is only now with the emergence of pressures for adult vaccination from bio-terrorism that questions are being asked whereas the safety with children has been mindlessly assumed before.


11. vaccines bias the immune system away from cellular defeat of pathogens towards antibody response and consequent allergy increase. each new vaccine may add in a cumulative fashion to allergy problems. of course there will be considerable variations between vaccines in individual effect.


12. basically you can see that the immune system is being impressed with a far greater number of life threatening diseases than would have ever occured naturally and as a consequence the brain, gut and immune systems are going haywire.


13. mmr IgE iRNA.

" it is reasonable to assume that a shunting of the genetic antibody production towards increased pro-inflammatory IgE would be accompanied by a shunting away from the protective IgG and IgM antibodies"   from
the iRNA payload that comes with the viral material and also from the incubation host used in manufacturing vaccines goes through the body turning off the genes affecting IgG and IgM and turning on IgE enhancers so kids are going hyper on allergy response and low on cell mediated and long term antibody response to viruses which means kids are harbouring viruses and staying in the infectious stage....... it is just unreal that this composite vaccine is still used.

iRNA is a new discovery but basically its genetic material that alters gene expression directly affectting the coding and switching functions off and on or changing them. vaccines have an unqualifyed iRNA payload......which would introduce a random element into vaccine damage which would appear to be what is happening.


14. "Illness basically shuts down and redirects a good part of the sulfur chemistry, and it does that for a week to two weeks post infection. Dr. Waring did a study many years ago where she took healthy college students who were about to get a hepatitis B vaccine, and she tested their urine for the metabolites of acetaminophen (well, actually, paracetamol which is the British name for the same thing). If I am remembering this correctly, the sulfation was POOR for about eight or nine days after the vaccine. This is one of the reasons I think it is HORRIBLE to vaccinate newborns, especially with THAT vaccine, because terrifically important sulfatish things are going on in neurodevelopment during those first two weeks of life. NOBODY did ANY research to be sure it was safe."

above from a yahoo sulfurstories post by susan owens.


15. the variant of the measles virus used in the live virus mmr and single shot measles vaccines seems a particularly vicious variant and may not be suitable at all for a vaccine. it seems to place huge demands on vitamin a and associated metabolism which most children cannot safely bear. getting the measles naturally may be safer, with boys it has to be bourne in mind that they need to catch it as a child or they risk becoming sterile as an adult, since there can be severe inflamation of the testicles if they catch it as an adult. women don't risk becoming sterile. another factor with the vaccine is the possibily it does not give effective immunity and the child goes on the catch the virus later anway. all in all catching the measles naturally seems the lowest risk, best immunity course of action. this also may be the case with the chicken pox. tests showing immunity may be deceiving, full spectrum illness is the best garantee of protection.


16. from a post on adults-metals-chelation:

"basically very young children have do not have a formed immune system and cannot handle the vaccine or mount an adequate immune response.

this is why infant mortality used to be so high, any serious disease and the child died.

within 10 years there will be vaccines designed for children but as things stand its better to take advantage of the low prevalence of disease and forgo vaccines at a young age or as long as you think is prudent.

the other thing to absolutely avoid is multiple vaccines in one shot and put reasonable spacing like months between vaccines. boosters can actually decrease immune resposne by destroying existing antibodies.

i'm not to keen on the measles variant used even in the single shot measles vaccine and think it better to get a likely milder natural one. one of the issues with measles is providing genetic material to the gut biofilm enabling it to circumvent the innate immune system creating or enabling gut dysbiosis. it may be that the variant used in the mealses vaccine has genetic code worse for this.

you can do things as preparation for vaccines like some mild vitamin a and d supplementation in the days before the shot.

its important to understand that thimerasol is only one problem with vaccines.

just more on the measles virus...............immunity seems to be a supression of the live virus rather than its elimination so you always have the issue of the virus in your system and the immune process had better be fully formed or you risk brain and gut infection which strongly points to getting measles naturally for a full spectrum immune response. the measles vaccine should never be given if there has already been or there is a measles infection.


17. myelination. "At 12 months the frontal white matter starts to myelinate; it should be nearly complete at 14 months of age. The temporal lobe is the last to myelinate between 14 and 18 months of age."


18. an ambd post (13th july 04) titled 'Gene mutation linked to diabetes - SUMO-4 helps regulate the immune system defend against infection'

"The faulty SUMO-4 gene enables more cytokines to be made and directs the revved up immune response at the cells in the pancreas that make insulin."

no mention of vaccines revving up the immune sytem to destroy insulin islet cells in the pancreas

and generations of kids being insulin and brain blood sugar disabled forcing adhd and the like which run on the adrenalin pathway to provide brain blood sugar.

faulty genes indeed


19. travel vaccines are not as benign as made out, the diptheria vaccine being one. it is essential to get a spacing of weeks between each vaccine and to be in good health when getting it. you can see the bad effect on famous people who must have been quite highly vaccinated to travel a lot.

Don't be allow vaccines with thimerosal (mercury) to be used, though some travel vaccines may be unobtainable without it.

trace amounts of thimerosal, like less than 1/3 of a microgram are acceptable in my opinion


20. the DPT vaccine between about 1980 and 1990 has left a horrendous unrecognised toll of damage in the relevant age group, you see it every day, messed immune system and viral carrying especially.

it was so bad even the doctors, , health departments and manufacturers recognised it which is saying something, and the vaccine was replaced about 1991.

a possible mechanism for the damage has been the discovery (2007) of the role the anti-bacterial immune protein C1q plays in neural pruning and synpase connection destruction

interestingly, excess activity by this protein presages glaucoma and conversely mice that are missing this pruning protein wind up with disorganized, abnormal retinas

all the components of the DPT vaccine are bacterial antigens or toxins

children affected by the DPT vaccine (and i would say just about all who had the 1980 to 1990 DPT were) will have lost a considerable number or synapse connections

maladaptive and excessive neural pruning is one of the dpt vaccine damage footprints


21. Monica writes on chickenpox and shingles:

Two of my kids got the chicken pox around the same time. My asperger son when he was age 3 and my daughter when she was not yet 1. My son got a fairly mild case while my daughter had it really bad. I later found out the severity was because his exposure was short while she was around her brother day and night. My asperger son had no lasting problems except a couple marks due to scratching.

I am aspergers and had chicken pox in my early 20's. My brother had it first and like with my kids, he was milder than I since my exposure was longer. I was miserable and since I was contagious before I was aware I had it, my elderly boss got shingles and landed in the hospital. I have no lasting effects from it.

I have had none of my 3 other kids vaccinated so my autistic son has yet to have it or the vaccine. I have chosen not to vaccinate then due to the fear of shingles. A few years ago, our homeschool group had an outbreak of chickenpox. Those what were not vaccianted got chicken pox but many of those that were vaccinated got shingles. A few of them landed in the hospital. When a group of us parents discussed it, those that got their child vaccinated expressed regret seeing that all the vaccine did was subject their child to a worse condition.


22. the immune system has issues with destruction of own tissue


the main issue is the excitation of the immune system in destructive ways by vaccines, like a vaccine given when there is a background viral infection in the brain then resulting in massive neural pruning


"Generating antibodies is one of the primary functions of the immune system. Antibodies are protein molecules that are made by B cells. Each antibody has a chemical signature that allows it to bind only with a particular sequence of amino acids.

"In our study, we first sought to understand the evolutionary rules that govern the way the immune system responds to an infection," Deem said. "With that framework in place, we identified a biologically-plausible strategy that would allow the immune system to react more quickly and with more effective antibodies. Our analysis revealed that such a system would be about 1,000 times more likely to produce antibodies that attack healthy tissues."

Antibodies that bind with something other than the antigen they evolved to attack are called cross-reactive, and some researchers believe cross-reactivity causes some autoimmune diseases

"The Rice analysis finds the human immune system evolved to minimize the risk of cross-reactivity. For example, each cell in our bodies contains about 100,000 proteins with an average of 500 amino acids apiece. Consequently, there are about one trillion potential docking sites, or epitopes, where antibodies could mistakenly attach themselves to proteins in a healthy cell. The mutation response method employed by our adaptive immune system seems keyed to this number, producing antibodies that are statistically likely to mistakenly bond with healthy proteins slightly less than one in a trillion times, meaning that on average, they recognize only invading pathogens"


what must be happening is that vaccines increase the likelyhood of mistaken bonding with healthy protiens and in some cases this can permantly skew immune system operation or otherwise be damaging

vaccines are not intrinsically bad but age, health, other infections and vaccine design have a big bearing on the result which can vary from useful immunity to permanent crippling


23. Wakefield Responds To Japan Study

* some sense on mmr * march 2005

basically mumps and measles wether natural or in a vaccine given within a year of each other have a very destructive effect on the gut immune system


Honda H, Shimizu Y and Rutter M.

No effect of MMR withdrawal on the incidence of autism: a total population study

Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 2005


Andrew J Wakefield FRCS FRCPath and Carol Stott PhD

Honda and colleagues present a fascinating report on the cumulative incidence (numbers of new cases with time) of autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs) in the Kohoku Ward, Yokohama, Japan, for children born 1988 to 1996. The study seeks to examine the relationship between ASD and MMR vaccination. Japan is unique since MMR was introduced in 1989 and discontinued in April 1993. Honda et. al. see this as providing an ideal opportunity to test whether there is a causal association between MMR exposure and incidence of ASDs. They predict that, if MMR causes autism, stopping MMR should result in a subsequent decline in incidence. This was not seen. In fact, there was a striking rise in the incidence of ASDs in this population over time, with a marked rise postdating the removal of MMR. The authors state that their finding 'implies that MMR could not cause a substantial proportion of cases of autism'.

In conducting a study of this kind it is important to consider the background against which earlier hypotheses relating to the possible association between measles containing vaccines such as MMR, bowel disease and childhood developmental disorders were formulated, and according to which any relevant data should be interpreted.

The above notwithstanding, the authors of the Japanese study are confident in the completeness of ascertainment of ASD cases, the accuracy and precision of their screening, and the quality of diagnostic services for developmental disorders. Given this level of confidence in the incidence figures, the data merit further scrutiny in light of Japan's unique experience with the vaccines of interest.


In 1998 one of us (AJW) made a recommendation in relation to how parents might wish to protect their child from the relevant infections - measles, mumps and rubella - by vaccination. This recommendation was based upon published scientific studies from my own laboratory together with an extensive examination of safety studies conducted in relation to measles vaccine either given alone or in combination with the other viral vaccines. The recommendations were that consideration should be given to (i) having M, M and R separately as the individual component vaccines and (ii) allowing an interval of one year between the vaccines.

The basis for these recommendations came from the following observations.

? First, that the safety studies of MMR vaccine were inadequate, a conclusion subsequently endorsed by independent scientific review.

? Second, that there was clear evidence from the early clinical trials of MMR, of 'interference' between the component viruses in the combined vaccine, an influence apparently mediated through an altered immune response to the vaccines when given together. The safety consequences of this 'interference' are completely unknown since they have not been investigated as they should have been.

? Third, that children that had experienced concurrent natural measles (or single measles vaccine) and natural mumps infections within the same year were at significantly greater risk of later inflammatory bowel disease . The latter finding is consistent with a natural 'interference' phenomenon that potentially increases the risk of long term measles virus infection and delayed disease. It is quite possible that this effect could operate for an interval of one year or more between exposure to two different viruses. Measles virus and measles vaccines can suppress the immune system for a prolonged period after exposure . This effect is exemplified by the excess mortality and immunosuppression associated with potent measles vaccines, observed in developing countries, which led to these vaccines being abandoned3.

Having established this background, one can examine the relevant events in Japan.

Vaccination policy and policy change in Japan

Monovalent measles vaccine was introduced in Japan in 1978 and was recommended to be given at 12 - 72 months of age. Rubella vaccine was introduced in 1977 and was recommended for junior high school female students. An MMR vaccination programme was launched in April 1989 for children aged between 12 and 72 months with the majority receiving the vaccine by 18 months of age. There was no mumps vaccine used in Japan before the introduction of MMR.

It is notable that various brands of MMR vaccine were licensed in Japan, some of them containing the mumps Urabe AM9 strain. Due to increasing public and professional concern about reported incidences of meningitis following MMR, public confidence declined over the years following its introduction and MMR vaccine uptake fell. Subsequent studies confirmed that the Urabe AM9 mumps vaccine was causally associated with meningitis. This resulted in the termination of the MMR programme in April 1993, and no child in the current study received MMR from 1992 onwards. The Urabe AM9 mumps vaccine was discontinued and replaced with a strain of mumps vaccine which did not cause meningitis. Single measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines replaced the combined vaccine in 1993 in a new immunisation schedule, which was formalised the following year. The recommendation was for Japanese children to receive monovalent measles, mumps and rubella vaccines to be given to infants spaced by a period of not less than four weeks.

Against the background of this changing vaccination policy the cumulative incidence curve of ASD in this population is very interesting (see Figure One).

The Japanese study does not tell us anything about the incidence of ASD prior to 1988; this can be estimated (overestimated) from prevalence data shown in Figure 1. Following the introduction of MMR there was a rise in annual incidence of ASDs from less that 25 per 10,000 population before MMR to 85.9 (95% Confidence Intervals 55.3 - 116.5) for children born in 1990. The incidence subsequently declined to 55.8 (32.0 - 79.6) for children born in 1991.

The incidence then rose again sharply, to a level of 161 (121.8-200.8) in 1994. During these years the single vaccine policy gained further acceptance as public and professional confidence was restored following the removal of the Urabe mumps vaccine. The authors note that beyond 1994 the Kohuku Ward was redistricted but claim no effect of this on interpretation of the data. It is interesting to note, however, that the confidence intervals on the point estimates of ASD incidence increase in parallel with this demographic change. A result of this is that the precision of the point estimates appears to have been compromised after this time. ASD incidence beyond 1994 is, therefore, is not as accurate as preceding years.

The multiphasic shape of the incidence curve is strikingly different from that seen in the UK (fig 2) and the US (fig 3) where distributions are primarily monophasic (i.e. a continuous rise). The shape of the Japanese graph would be consistent with an influence of an additional factor(s) on the evolution of an environmentally induced disease where, overall, exposure to the cause was increasing over time.

In light of the biological nature of viral interactions and the protracted effects on the immune system of measles exposure in particular (either as natural infection or vaccination) it is evident that, although MMR vaccine itself was discontinued in this infant population beyond 1993, for all practical purposes, because of the behaviour of these viruses, children vaccinated according to the recommended schedule were still receiving 'M-M-R' at age one year. In other words the administration of the separate vaccines in close temporal proximity amounts, in biological terms, to overlapping exposure. Such close proximity of exposure is clearly atypical and something that would have been very rare with natural infection to measles, mumps and rubella viruses. The Japanese data are therefore not at odds with the original interpretation and the subsequent recommendations referred to earlier. They are entirely consistent with what is known about the behaviour of these viruses. The authors of the Japanese study make the error of examining MMR as an isolated exposure without giving any consideration to the arguments that have been put forward or the data upon which those arguments were based.

In light of these observations the data could be interpreted as indicating a major influence of the pattern of exposure to these vaccine viruses on ASD incidence in this Japanese population. Moreover, it suggests a possible re-challenge effect of close temporal exposure to these vaccine viruses on ASD incidence at the population level, whereby the exposure has been introduced, removed and then re-introduced. Nonetheless the interpretation by Public Health authorities that this is the 'last word on the subject' and that these data prove that MMR is safe is misleading and suggests a very limited perspective of the issues and a misunderstanding of the previously published concerns that have guided the research of those involved with the examining the safety of measles vaccines. Enthusiasm to exonerate the MMR vaccine is no excuse for misrepresenting the published basis for the safety concerns.

Regressive autism: methodological flaws

It is also worth commenting on one major methodological flaw in the paper. The original description by Wakefield et al and subsequent studies others indicate that any potentially causal relationship between MMR and ASD relates to a regressive form of autism, in which the child developed normally prior to exposure.

In the study of Honda et al, children underwent routine developmental assessment at 3 months and 18 months of age, while the recommended schedule for MMR vaccination was 12 months of age. The authors define regression as demonstrable loss of skills after 18 months of age. Therefore children who have developed normally for the first year of life, who then receive an MMR at 12 months of age and who subsequently regress over the course of the next 6 months, will be misclassified as non-regressive cases when in fact quite the opposite may be the case. Misclassification of the children's autism of this kind will render meaningless, the authors sub-analysis in relation to regression. This is supported to the extent that the shape of the respective incidence curves in the sub-groups is similar. Therefore, the regression data do not merit further consideration.

The authors conclusion that their '.findings indicate that simply terminating MMR vaccination programs will not lead to a reduction in the incidence of ASD' is self-evident. The original recommendation however made no such naïve claim. The recommendations were based on empirical data, which indicated a serious adverse effect of close temporal exposure to two or more of these vaccines. The Japanese data give no reason to change theses recommendations.

Legend to Figure 1. * The published prevalence of ASD did not exceed 25 cases per 10,000 population at any time in Japan before the introduction of MMR. This prevalence figure is therefore an overestimate of incidence in this population. M-M-R = separate measles, mumps and rubella vaccines.


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