I caught your gaze from the corner of my eye
It startled me to think of your perception
You look at me as a stranger
Though a part of you knows the person
As you look, I wonder still
What really do you see?
One that goes before you
to strike upon the waves of the sea?
Do I steer a course that's true
In a life that is a puzzle
As together we find the answers
As together we must struggle
Am I really knowing what is best
Sometimes I wonder somedays
I stand as your interpretor
and hang on your every word and gaze
the prism in your eyes reflect the concern upon my face
as if your saying, it's ok mom,
Your doing the best that you can
And like you I wish as strongly
That you will help me from child to man
I am not your enemy, sometimes he must think I am
When I reach for the better in him and tell him stop, don't stem
But you are saying how? How do you propose I should?
Then I finally got the picture when you gazed at me like wood
Like an object of no affection, you think of all people, she understood?
It's as if I already know that your saying, take me as I am
So it shocked me to think that you already figured me out
Your saying, I'm doing the best I can
You turned my soul upon myself
And gave me a little doubt
Perhaps you know me better
You figured it all out
You knew I would fight for you always
as he looks into my soul
And through his murmered stillted words
I interpret as we go
I hope I read them perfectly
Sometimes you wish you could say no
No, this is what I mean, and this is what was meant
But your eyes are only windows to
a soul that is in silent torment
But yet you are happy stilted
cause your soul is rich and deep
all knowing of the present
and the past and future keep
If you only knew what I know
It seems to come through my senses now
And I ponder it for a second or more
try to see it your way somehow
I stop all life around me, sit and be quite too
And listen to the natures song, like a symphony coming through
Oh this is why your silent, you listen, your intune
And I am just an ant without a sense of what to do
I scurry through my busy life, never stopping once to think
That there are more than six senses that your body really needs
So that is why you look at me, to tell me your wisdom true
It's just so wonderful to know that I can see the things you do

-------------- Author's Notes --------------

a moment in time with an autistic child, is like a life time of learning. Learning to accept the things we cannot change, and being happy in the moment. Instead of worrying and scurrying through life, my autistic child percieves every second of it.