Rescued and disappeared Ship Doctor Viktor Bogdanov was also marked on the earlier list of persons rescued, and also he had to state his name to get on the list.

On 29.09.94 at 5.30 a.m. Estonian Social Ministry receives a fax that Viktor Bogdanov was found.

On 29.09.94 at 10.30 a.m. a message comes from "Estline" that V. Bogdanov is alive and at a hospital.

On 02.10.94 in the lists of Estonian Social Ministry V. Bogdanov is marked being OK.

On 15.10.94 in Finnish newspaper "Ilta-Sanomat" is a piece of writing stating that one of few rescued officers from M/V Estonia is 42 year old ship doctor V. Bogdanov. A message with the same statement is also in Swedish "Aftonbladet" on 16.10.94.

On 16.10.94 the message was also confirmed by the Swedish police to Mr. Olavi Koljonen.

It is most unlikely that the police should inform anyone that a person is alive and well if that was not the fact.