One of the more interesting issues to find out on the wreck was of course who were at the bridge during the accident. Finding that out, it would be possible to make a conclusion who was in charge this fatal hour when M/V Estonia sank.

When the divers investigated the bridge they found three bodies, but it was said that they could not be identified. Exactly why have never been explained. In the supplement it is said that:

"With the exception of those bodies found on the bridge and some of those found in the central stairwell on level 5, the bodies were intact and firm with the sex of the victim being easily identifiable. The bodies on the bridge were more badly decomposed".

This can however not be the reason they were not identified, though all officers wear a uniform. There must be another reason to why identification was never done, and it is still a mystery.

The Estonian chairman of the JAIC, Andi Meister, left the commission in June 96 after accusing the Swedes of censoring the video material from the ship, in particular material from the bridge, and the fact that the bodies on the bridge weren't identified.

Update 1999.04.10

According to the agreement 1994.11.24 between Sjöfartsverket and the Rockwater AS (Norway) it is clear that there was no intention to investigate who was on the bridge. In the agreement (SHK file B28), Extent of Survey, it says:

5.5.3, Inside the navigation bridge
- verification of position of engine control levers
- verification of position of switches on control panel for watertight doors.

And that is all that is said about the investigation of the bridge. As the identification of officers on the bridge is vital I believe it should be mentioned in the agreement. For the price of "only" SEK 7.588.000 we didn't even get to know who was on the bridge!