Rescued and disappeared Chief Engineer Lembit Leiger was also marked on the earlier list of persons rescued and also he had to state his name to get on the list.

In the evening of 28.09.94 Captain Erich Moik from Germany announce that information confirms rescue of L. Leiger.

On 28.09.94 the Swedish police inform Mrs. L. Männik that L. Leiger has been rescued.

On 29.09.94 in the list of "Estline" L. Leiger is said to be in Sweden. With the same indication OK also in the lists of Estonian Ministry of International Affairs, Social Ministry and Frontier Guard.

On 01.10.94 the Swedish police inform Mrs. L. Männik that L. Leiger was leaving the country (Sweden).

On 18.10.94 was a telephone call held with Swedish phone number 46 8 7694145, where Mr. Stridlund said that L. Leiger left the hospital 24h after arriving there and that he was well, not injured. He also mentioned that several persons had expressed interest towards him.

It is most unlikely that the police should inform anyone (two times) that a person is alive and well if that was not the fact. The information from Stridlund also confirms the information from the police regarding the time aspect.