Rescued and disappeared Chief of Tax Free Store Tiina Müür was also marked on the earlier list of persons rescued and she had also to state her name to get on the list.

On 28.09.94 between 10 and 11 a.m. her name appears in the list of "Estline", T. Müür is being OK.

On 29.09.94 T. Müür was marked being OK in the list of the Estonian Red Cross and Social Ministry.

On 29.09.94 at noon the Estonian Radio 2 announce that T. Müür is in the state of chock in a Swedish hospital.

On 30.09.94 Swedish Embassy in Estonia does not want to answer any question regarding T. Müür.

On 01.10.94 father of T. Müür, Mr. Beek phones the officer of the Estonian Ministry of International Affairs, who recommends him to phone T. Müür at home, as she has arrived to Estonia. Shop assistant H.M. of M/V Estonia tax free shop tells that she has heard of the rescue of T. Müür, who was seen with A. Piht on deck helping the passengers.