Eight (8) crew members of the M/V Estonia were rescued and they has all disappeared within the first 5 days after the disaster, leaving no tracks what so ever. Five of the crew were high officers with the Captain Avo Piht as the highest officer. The three other were women employed on the ship.

It is a fact that no other passenger that should have been rescued has disappeared afterwards. It is also a fact that no other high officer did survive. This is strange in many aspects. First of all the high officers were having their cabins at deck 7 and 8 and were very close to the life boats and life rafts. They were also those that first should have known that something was wrong. It is said that many of the crew were drunk as they were having a party, but this can not be confirmed from the victims as only 3 of 95 had more than 0.5 promille alcohol in blood.

It is said, but not a fact, that Avo Piht and Tiina Müür and the two sisters Veide were in the same life raft when rescued.

What other have they got in common?

Update 1999.04.10

Piht is wanted by INTERPOL. On 7:th of October 1994 INTERPOL Tallinn issued a description of A. Piht with attached picture, wanted in connection of the criminal case no. 94980041 regarding MS Estonia.