Rescued and disappeared Variety Dancers Hannely Veide and her sister Hanka-Hannika Veide was also marked on the earlier list of persons rescued and also they had to state their names to get on the list.

On 28.09.94 at 11 a.m. announcement to the terminal of "Estline" and also to the Estonian Television that Anne (her nickname at home) Veide was alive.

On 28.09.94 at 9 p.m. in "Aktuaalne Kaamera" of Estonian Television they added that also another Veide was alive (i.e. Hanka-Hannika).

On 29.09.94 message from the Swedish police and also Estonian Ministry of Internal Affairs that both were alive. Both had been added correct first names.

On 30.09.94 message from Swedish Crisis Center that both were alive.

On 01.10.94 reply from Swedish Red Cross that both were alive.

On 04.10.94 from Huddinge Hospital in Stockholm that both were alive.

On 06.10.94 from Swedish Red Cross that both were alive. After that date all official circles deny forwarding of any kind of information regarding the sisters.

It is very strange that Hannely Veide, if faulty marked in listing, should have been named with her nickname. It is not to believe that the rescue team should know her nickname. It must have been coming from herself. Also in this case the Swedish police inform of the rescue.