Welcome to Nanna ONLINE!

Well helloooo, dearies!
Thanks for droppin' by my brand spankin' new home on the web.  Nanna's been reeeeal busy lately, puttin' together all kindsa new goodies for ya.  So sit back and relax and click yer way through.
Oh, and by the way dears, Nanna's site content can get a little edgy sometimes, so if yer still breast feeding off your mommy, you'd best be surfin' somewhere else.
Have ya got an answering machine, dear?
Well now ya can have dear ol' Nanna greet
yer callers for ya!
Well ya gotta have ICQ, right?
If ya do, now you can have Nanna's
perfectly angelic voice replace that accursed,
gawd-foresaken "Uh-oh!" sound!  ARGH!
I know a lot o' you folks are using Billy Boy's Windows operating system. So here's a little
batch o' sounds and pictures to dress up
that dull interface!
It's a weird and wonderful world out there,
filled with even weirder people... and sometimes
Nanna just likes to sound-off on the things that be.
Tune in regularly for this unscripted audio show,
and feel free to write Nanna with your feedback...
you might even find your comments on the air!