This is where I answer all those burning questions you have! If your question isn't answered, don't forget to sign my guestbook and ask me!

Q:Who are you and what do you know??
A: I'm Neal. You may have noticed that. I'm just your average person with a webpage. And big computer/website problems. Your input's always useful. Anyway I don't know everything, but I try to make sure that everything I post on my page is 100% true. I'm not an expert, and I don't know everything there is to know about everyone/thing on my site. But I try.

Q: Can I take stuff from your site???
A: Take anything you want!! Just tell me about it when you do, by signing my guestbook. I might even put a link up to your site!! All I ask is that you don't take like a whole page. You can quote me, credit me, or even steal some of my pictures, all I ask is that you credit and link me, and tell me about it. Thanks!!

Q: Can I print out your pictures and put them up on my wall/put them in a scrapbook/put them on a poster/etc.?
A: Obviously! :P If there's no way I'll ever know, it probably won't make a difference. Just don't put my pictures on your website without crediting me! Got it?

Q: I came across a dead link, or I got a message from Tripod that a page doesn't exist, help!
A: Well, first off, tell me, and tell me how you got linked to there or whatever. And then wait patiently for me to fix it! Actually you can try to figure out what got typed wrong or whatever, and if there are any HTML errors, please tell me, I'll try my best to fix it!

Q: Nick Carter's hair is naturally blond, I've seen pictures of him as a baby!
A: All right, good for you, but here's the scoop: Almost everyone who's blond as a baby grows up to get dark hair, some go from almost white to almost black. I don't know exactly what the stat. is with Nick's hair colour, but seeing as in the past year it has been at least three different shades, and he almost always has roots showing, I think it's safe to say he dyes it. My best guess is he was born with blond hair, outgrew it, and then decided to dye it blond, and for some reason continue to dye it blonde.

Q: Where can I get more information/pictures/statistics/whatever about Push/its characters/its actors??
A: Well you can try www.imdb.com . That's about it. You can either look at all my pages about Push, or you can follow the links at the bottom of Push A Little Harder. If there's more info/stuff out there, I don't know of its existence. If you know of anywhere else, tell me! However with a few of the cast members having new shows you might want to try some official or unofficial sites about their shows (i.e. Roswell, Wasteland, etc.)

Q: Can you tell the Backstreet Boys I love them??
A: No. I don't know them. And no I'm sorry I can't ask them to come visit you either.

Q: Do you have any way of contacting Alanis, the Backstreet Boys, the All Saints, soulDecision, a cast member of Push, Dawson's Creek, Friends, The X-Files, or Futurama, or anybody else??
A: No. I have no way of contacting anyone even semi-famous. And even if I did I wouldn't tell you, and the chances of me giving you their e-mail address(es) are slim to none. Sorry.

Q: I love [Insert name of person here, often a name such as Brian or Pacey], please have more pictures of him/her.
A: Webspace is not an easy thing to get your hands on. Trust me. I've tried to have a nice even amount of pictures for each thing. If I find really neat pictures, I'll put them up. Otherwise, I'll try to have a few pictures for each thing, plus some stuff that I might've scanned or something like that.

Q: Do you mind/does it bother you if I (we) correct your spelling/information/grammar/whatever ??
A: No! Not at all. In fact I appreciate any comments/suggestions/corrections you have. If you know for a fact I screwed something up, or even made a typo, tell me by Signing My Guestbook

Q: Hello.
A: Hello, to you too!

Q: How did you turn QuickTime movies into stills? Where can I download the program?
A: Well, since there are two questions, I guess I'll just have to have two answers! I'll answer the second one first. Well that's pretty simple actually. Any version of QuickTime Movie Player and a simple JPEG (or even BMP, if it's just for non-internet use) Editor is all you need. You can usually download QuickTime at www.quicktime.com , or you can get it free on enhanced CD's (i.e. Backstreet's Back (Or Backstreet Boys in the States), Everybody (Backstreet's Back) Single, Surfacing......). Anyway what you do is: Open the file in QuickTime. Find the spot where you want the still. Pause it (you can use the cursor keys to find the exact point). Choose Copy from the Edit Menu. And then in your Image Editor (or even a word proccessor might work) Edit, Paste and voilą! You may have to get rid of the little thing at the bottom that has the file name, but there you have it. www.mtv.com is a good place to download QuickTime movies. That answer your question?

Q: Where can I download that MIDI that's playing on that page??
A: Well you can just right-click on the control and hit save as, and then save it!

Q: What do you think of the Spice Girls?
A: Well what an interesting question. They're very good musicians.

Q: How'd you make your banner??
A: Tripod. They're so useful. If you're a Tripod member, go to the build page, and look for banner builder. It's really neat! If you're not a Tripod member, you could always use a JPEG editor and make a really basic one!

Q: Where can I find other lyrics that aren't on your pages and/or are by other artists?
A: Well that's an easy one too. Just go to www.lyrics.com and find the song you want!

Q: Where can I find information on guest stars on Push, Friends, Futurama, The X-Files, or Dawson's Creek
A: Well as long as you know their name, just go to The Internet Movie Database, type their name in the search (be sure to click on name not title), and you'll get a lot of information as well as links. I'm sorry that I cannot provide information on all the guest stars, that would just be quite impractical. Good luck!

Q: How do I make a homepage like yours??
A: Well that's a difficult long question. You really should ask Jeeves or go to the Yahoo! category thing. But in brief, you have to have a decent HTML editor, a lot of time, a lot of patience, an Internet connection, some webspace (either provided by your ISP or some sort of online one (i.e. Tripod), an idea, and I think that's it. Then you need to put it all together. If you're asking this question, it would be best if you had a WYSIWYG Editor (such as Netscape Editor or FrontPage). So good luck, and tell me when you put it up (Sign My Guestbook).

Q: I don't get (understand) Alanis and/or her songs/lyrics
A: Well that's not really a question, but the answer is neither do a lot of people. I guess that's the mystery and charm of her music. So good for you!

Q: Where'd you get that MIDI?
A: Most likely www.webthumper.com/midi [Which is now closed due to copyright infringements, if you are aware any of my MIDI's infringe copyrights, tell me], http://www.geocities.com/Paris/LeftBank/4099/midi.html or http://shawnsworld.com/midi/
As previously mentioned, WebThumper MIDI has been closed down. The Music Industry is cracking down on Internet music sites, using outdated laws to shut down really good websites. I hope that none of the MIDI's I have used on my site fall under this, and if they do, PLEASE tell me. Until then, support all of the music-related sites on the 'net.

Q: Do you have time to visit my site??
A: Of course! Just make sure you type the address right!

Q: Your Useless Facts aren't that useless, and aren't very good.
A: Well some people find them useless or useful, it doesn't matter.

Q: How come you never update this site?
A: Being a regular human being operating a site which I don't get paid for and obviously can't pay other people to help me with, I am VERY busy. Between school and work I have very little time left for such things. But however I am dedicated to my website, and I enjoy it immensely, so I update as much as is humanly possible. I hope you can understand that if it isn't updated as often as you would like, it's not because I'm ignoring this site, it's because I don't have time. Always watch out for times of new updates and keep signing the guestbook! :)

Q: Why do you have separate lyrics for Alanis' live performances, aren't they the same??
A: As we all know, when a performer performs something live, it's got slight differences to the original. The same goes with Alanis, so when she sings something, it's a little different each time, so that's why I felt like I should put up lyrics to her live performances, as well as the interviews that often go with them. In addition, since my lyrics include the um's oh's ooh's and other sounds like that, and they change greatly for each performance, that is why I have included them.

Q: What's up with your counters? They keep changing, or going away, or...
A: Online web counters SUCK.  That is all.

Q: What's up with this Math and Music site thing??
A: Well to be honest I only linked it 'cause I wanted hits there. It's a school project from Grade 12 Math class. I chose to use a website as my presentation method, and so I put it up there. I felt it was interesting enough to be considered a sub-site of Neal Jennings' Web Site, so I put it there. Don't expect it to be updated or anything, and I don't really consider a section of my site, but it technically is, so it's linked there. Enjoy!

Q: Where can I find tapes or transcripts of Push, especially the episodes not aired in North America?
A: This is a really common question. One that I've asked myself many times in fact. And this is what I tell everyone: you can't. My only suggestion is to follow some of the links at the bottom of Push A Little Harder. Some of those sites were made by die-hard fans of the actors/actresses/etc. If they have a place to e-mail them, ask them if there's any way you can get a tape copied from them. Many are quite willing and will make you a copy for a reasonable charge (probably just tape and shipping and handling I would assume). Just one note: there are no official and legal methods to getting copies. After the show was cancelled ABC decided not to release the tapes, and even people with official connections are unable to get these tapes. Sorry, and let me know if you have any luck!

That's it! If you still have a question, Sign My Guestbook, and I will probably post the response here soon after!

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