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The X-Files Movie-Fight the Future

X-Files MovieFight the Future

Info about the movie

Premiered on: Friday June 19th, 1998 in North America

Cast (in credits order):

David Duchovny Agent Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson Agent Dana Scully
John Neville The Well-Manicured Man
William B. Davis The Cigarette-Smoking Man
Martin Landau Dr. Alvin Kurtzweil
Mitch Pileggi Assistant Director Walter Skinner
Jeffrey DeMunn Dr. Ben Bronschweig
Blythe Danner Jana Cassidy
Terry O'Quinn Darius Michaud
Armin Mueller-Stahl Conrad Strughold
Lucas Black Stevie
Christopher Fennell 2nd Boy
Cody Newton 3rd Boy
Blake Stokes 4th Boy
Dean Haglund Ringo Langly (The Lone Gunmen)
Bruce Harwood John Fitzgerald Byers (The Lone Gunmen)
Tom Braidwood Melvin Frohike (The Lone Gunmen)
Don S. Williams Group Elder
George Murdock 2nd Elder
Michael Shamus Wiles Black-Haired Man
Craig Davis Primitive #1
Carrick O'Quinn Primitive #2
Tom Woodruff Jr. Creature #1
Greg Ballora Creature #2
T.W. King FBI Agent on Roof
Luis Beckford FBI Agent
Steve Rankin Field Agent
Gary Grubbs Fire Captain Miles Cooles
Steven M. Gagnon Last Agent Out
Larry Joshua DC Cop
Glendon Rich DC Cop #2
Gunther Jenson Security Guard
Scott Smith Technician
Ian Ruskin Well-Manicured Man's Valet
Paul Welterlen Control Room Operator
Joel Traywick Young Naval Guard
Milton Johns British Valet
Paul Tuerpe 1st Paramedic
Michael Krawic 2nd Paramedic
Larry Rippenkroeger Towncar Driver
Josh McLaglen Buzz Mibee
Randy Hall Windbreakered Agent
T.C. Badalato Fireman
Amine Zary Tunisian
Glenne Headly Barmaid
Hrothgar Mathews Paramedic
Vanessa Morley Young Samantha Mulder (in photograph)
Marcus Turner Young Fox Mulder (in photograph)

Directed by: Rob Bowman
Written By: Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz

Produced by Chris Carter and Daniel Sackheim
Co-Producer: Frank Spotnitz
Associate Producer: Mary Astadourian
Supervising Producer: Bruce Devan
Exexutive Producer: Lata Ryan

Cinematography by: Ward Russell
Film Editing by: Stephen Mark
Casting by: Ruth Hirschfeld and Sue Liberman

Production Design by: Christopher Nowak
Art Direction by: Gregory Bolton and Hugo Santiago

Set Decoration by: Jackie Carr
Costume Design by: Marlene Stewart

Special make-up effects by: Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr.

Based on the hit TV series The X-Files

Genre: Sci-fi

Rated: AA (PG-13 in the US)

Special Thanks to Yahoo! Movies

For complete detailed cast and crew information, visit the Internet Movie Database

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X-Files Movie

All right, here's the "official" plot, with a whole bunch of editing, for length and to make it simpler to read. I wish I could give credit to whoever wrote it originally, but I have no idea. I found it at that quoted it as the official plot, so it was most likely written by Chris Carter or one of the writers for the show:

"The X-Files movie begins in 35,000 BCE., when much of the Earth was covered in ice and snow. Two primitive men walk through the cold, windswept landscape. They are following the trail left by a mysterious creature. Three-toed tracks lead the hunters to the inside of an ice cave.

"The creature is an alien--tall and thin, black-eyed and hairless, with only tiny slits for a nose and mouth. But the alien has razor-sharp teeth and long claws on his hands and feet that extend when it attacks. Suddenly the alien lashes out and fiercely attacks one of the men. One dies in the battle. The second primitive struggles and finally kills the alien. But then we see a scary black oil ooze out of the dead alien's body. It seeps into cracks on the floor and wall. The black oil seems to be alive. It creeps slowly toward the surviving primitive's chest, mouth, and eyes.

"Without warning, a boy plunges through the roof of the cave. The movie has cut to the present, to Blackwood, Texas, an area outside of Dallas. A group of boys have been playing at the same cave we saw in the first scene. But now, thirty-five thousand years later, the ice and snow have melted away. Instead, the cave is rocky, and in the middle of empty desert land. The boys, trying to build a fort, have dug a hole in the hard desert ground right above the cave. One of the boys--Stevie--digs too deep and suddenly falls through a hole in the earth. He falls so hard the wind is knocked out of him, but he is okay. Exploring the cave, Stevie discovers a human skull and excitedly tells his friends there are lots of bones in the cave. Suddenly, from a crack in the cave floor comes the same gooey, black substance that seeped into the floor thirty-five thousand years earlier. The black oil slowly inches toward the boy. It creeps onto his shoe, crawls under his skin, and moves through his body until even his eyes turn black and oily. Terrified by what has just happened to their friend, the boys run for help. Stevie stands frozen within the cave. The creeping alien oil has paralyzed him.

"Suddenly the air is filled with sirens. Soon, there are fire trucks everywhere. Two firemen quickly climb down into the cave to rescue Stevie. Mysteriously, they don't come back. Two more firemen are sent in--and disappear, too. The bodies of all four men have been invaded and infected by the alien oil. The local fire captain is concerned when no one returns from the cave. Now the fire department has to rescue five people instead of one. Just then, a helicopter swoops down for a landing. Dr. Ben Bronschweig gets out. He has brought along a mysterious HazMat team. They are familiar with the black oil. They carefully and quickly carry Stevie's paralyzed body away. The rest of his team begin setting up tents and other equipment at the site. What the local firefighters do not know is that Dr. Bronschweig reports to The Syndicate. This cave has become an important part of the undercover "project" The Syndicate is working on. Dr. Bronschweig will set up a laboratory here to observe one of the infected firemen.

"The movie action cuts to a government building one week later. Someone has planted a bomb here. FBI agents must hurry to find the bomb before it goes off. The FBI has cleared out all of the people who work there, and is now looking for where the bomb is hidden.

"But two agents have decided to check the building across the street instead. One of them, Fox Mulder, has a hunch that the FBI is on the wrong track. His partner, Dana Scully, is on the roof of the building, but she speaks to him by cell phone.

"Mulder's hunch is right. By accident, he discovers the bomb hidden in a soda machine in the building across the street. With Mulder locked in the vending room, Scully hurries to clear the building. She calls for help from the FBI agents next door. With just minutes to spare, Mulder is rescued by Scully and Special Agent in Charge Darius Michaud. Michaud orders Mulder and Scully and everyone else out of the building while he stays behind to try to defuse the bomb. As the car speeds away, the bomb goes off. The building explodes in a shower of cement, metal, and broken glass.

"The next day Mulder and Scully are at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., where they are questioned by Assistant Director Jana Cassidy. She wants to know everything they saw and heard before the bombing in Dallas. The agents learn that five people were killed in the explosion. Special Agent in Charge Michaud, three firemen, and the young boy, Stevie, all died in the blast. Mulder and Scully also learn that they are being blamed for those deaths.

"That night, Mulder meets Dr. Alvin Kurtzweil. The doctor claims to be an old friend of Mulder's father. He also writes books about government conspiracies. Kurtzweil gives Mulder important news. The building in Dallas was bombed by The Syndicate to hide the already dead bodies of Stevie and the three firemen. The Syndicate did not want anyone to find the bodies, so they blew up the building. Kurtzweil also tells Mulder that Special Agent in Charge Michaud let the building explode because he worked for The Syndicate. Mulder is disturbed by what Kurtzweil has told him. He talks Scully into going to the naval hospital where the bodies are being kept. At the hospital, they go straight to the cold, dark morgue. Scully carefully examines the body of one of the bombing victims. She snaps on her medical gloves and does an autopsy on one of the firemen. Scully quickly discovers the fireman did not die from the explosion, as someone wanted the agents to believe. He died from some kind of infection. It is one she has never seen before. The victim's skin is almost see-through and feels like sticky gelatin. His internal organs have been partially eaten away by the virus.

"While Scully examines the body, Mulder meets with Kurtzweil again. The doctor warns Mulder that The Syndicate is involved in a secret government "project" to deliberately release a terrible plague. He says The Syndicate has been working on the project for over fifty years. But Kurtzweil can't or won't give Mulder any proof--he tells him to go to Dallas to search for the truth.

"With this new information, Mulder asks Scully to meet him at the FBI field office in Dallas, Texas. There they look at the scattered waste from the bombed building. They are shown "fossils" which were found at the bomb site. The FBI field agent tells them the fossils had originally been found at an archaeological dig site and had been kept in an office in the building that exploded. Scully looks at the bone fossils under a microscope. The same virus that killed the fireman is also in the fossils.

"Back at the cave site, the Cigarette-Smoking Man arrives in a black helicopter to talk to Dr. Bronschweig. Dr. Bronschweig's team has set up a high-tech lab at the site, and has kept it very cold. The doctor explains that they have lowered the temperature to freezing to slow the development of the virus. They view the body of one of the firemen, who is barely still alive. His skin is gray and gelatinous, like the bodies Scully saw at the hospital, and there seems to be something alive inside him. Something that blinks. The virus has mutated into a living organism. Dr. Bronschweig asks the Cigarette-Smoking Man if they should destroy the body before the new organism grows any larger. "No," answers the Cigarette-Smoking Man, "We need to try our vaccine on it."

"After the Cigarette-Smoking Man leaves, Dr. Bronschweig returns to the cave to administer the vaccine, only to find the infected fireman's chest ripped wide open. The organism that was growing inside of him is gone. Seconds later, the fully grown alien savagely attacks the doctor with his sharp claws. Dr. Bronschweig calls for help, but the crew, worried that he is now infected, quickly seals the cave hole and covers it with dirt so the creature cannot get away. They bury Bronschweig and the alien forever.

"When Mulder and Scully go to the cave site to investigate, all they see is a brand-new playground, on fresh, green grass--unusual for the middle of the desert. They question Stevie's playmates, and learn that tanker trucks left the playground just minutes earlier. The two agents speed away to see if they can find the trucks. They drive for hours without seeing anything until they finally reach a dead end at a railroad crossing. Just when Mulder and Scully are about to give up, a train comes by carrying the tanker trucks.

"The agents follow the train until it stops at a cornfield. Mulder and Scully are confused about what a cornfield would be doing in the middle of the desert. There are several strange, giant, white domes in the middle of the cornfield. They enter one of the white domes, but are suddenly chased out by swarms of bees. When they get outside, mysterious, low-flying helicopters chase them through, and out of, the cornfield.

"Mulder and Scully make it back to Washington, D.C. Although Scully does not know it, one of the bees is hiding in her jacket. Scully tells Assistant Director Cassidy that she and Mulder went back to Dallas and discovered evidence that the bombing was a cover-up.

"Later Scully goes to Mulder's apartment to tell him she is going to quit the FBI because she has been assigned to another city. Mulder asks her not to quit. He doesn't know if he can continue on without her.

"Just then, the bee hiding in Scully's jacket stings her and she falls to the floor in Mulder's hallway. Mulder calls an ambulance and a uniformed medical team comes to take Scully away. But they are not real ambulance drivers. When Mulder asks which hospital they will be taking Scully to, the driver shoots Mulder. He is wounded in the head. As the ambulance pulls away the real ambulance pulls up and sees Mulder lying on the ground. Later, Scully's unconscious body is put into a cryolitter (a clear refrigerated box). It is loaded onto a plane at the airport, headed for the Antarctic.

"Mulder wakes up in a Washington hospital. Luckily, he is not badly hurt. The Lone Gunmen are there. They tell Mulder someone listened to his phone call and sent a fake ambulance. Mulder asks the Lone Gunmen to help him escape from the hospital. He knows he must find Scully. He arranges to meet Kurtzweil, hoping the doctor can tell him where Scully is.

"When Mulder arrives at the meeting place, he doesn't find Kurtzweil. Instead Mulder runs into the Well-Manicured Man, who appears to have killed Kurtzweil and stuffed him in the trunk of his car. He gives Mulder Scully's location, as well as the vaccine that can save her life, but only if it is given to her in the next ninety-six hours. He also tells Mulder that the virus is extraterrestrial. The shadowy syndicate has been working with the aliens. But The Syndicate has also been secretly developing the vaccine to protect the members and their families from the virus. Mulder doesn't know if he should trust the Well-Manicured Man.

"The Well-Manicured Man drops Mulder off and tells him to go find Scully because only her science can save them. As soon as the Well-Manicured Man gets back in his car, it bursts into flames. The Well-Manicured Man is dead and Mulder runs off, realizing that time is running out.

"Next, the movie cuts to a snow tractor in Antarctica. We see Mulder, searching for Scully over the cold, grim land. He finds an ice station and, through binoculars, sees the Cigarette-Smoking Man leaving. As Mulder gets close to the station on foot, he suddenly plunges through the ice and tumbles down a deep ice shaft. He lands on what seems like a hard metal object covered with snow and ice. He lowers himself through a steam vent and crawls through the cramped passageway. It finally widens to become a huge and strange indoor space. Mulder doesn't know it yet, but he has stumbled into an alien spaceship, hidden beneath the ice.

"Climbing down to the hallways below, Mulder spots Scully in one of the thousands of cryopods (iced units in which bodies infected by the virus are kept). These bodies are in a frozen state, but alive. Mulder breaks through the icy covering of the pod. He shoots the vaccine into Scully's shoulder with a needle. In moments, Scully begins to awaken. The tube in her mouth shrivels up and Mulder pulls it out so she can breathe.

"Suddenly the whole ship shudders and rumbles. The vaccine has woken up the ship, too. The inside of the ship begins to warm up. The heat makes the icy cryopod coverings melt. The aliens begin to wriggle around inside the host bodies. Mulder carries Scully back to the top of the ship. Scully stops breathing. While Mulder gives her CPR, the aliens begin to hatch from the bodies and break free of the cryopods. Scully regains consciousness just in time to escape the aliens.

"With one of the creatures not far behind, Mulder gets Scully to the top of the ship. They are out just in time, but the whole ice field is shaking and collapsing beneath their feet. Under the ice, the ship begins to rise. Mulder and Scully run for their lives, just a few feet ahead of the collapsing ice. Suddenly, they fall into a hole. Moments later, they land on what appears to be a section of the rising spaceship. The agents fall off the ship and land on the icy ground. Scully lies unconscious as Mulder watches the eerie ship rise higher and higher. He is able to get Scully to look up at it, just as it is above them, just before it swoops off into the distance.

"Back in Washington, Scully meets with Assistant Director Cassidy and other FBI officials. They question her about her report, in which she tells the story of what happened to her and Mulder. Assistant Director Cassidy thinks the report is too unbelievable to be true. Besides, there is no evidence to prove anything in Scully's report. Scully hands Cassidy a vial containing a dead bumblebee, the only evidence left.

"Later we see Mulder reading the newspaper. He sees a story about a virus outbreak in Texas, and he knows it is a cover-up. Scully comes over and he shows her the story. Mulder is frustrated and angry, but Scully is more hopeful. She has told the officials everything that happened. Mulder tells her that she should give up his hopeless cause, but she says if they quit now the bad guys will have won, and that now they know there is a vaccine, they can help save people's lives.

"The last scene takes place in Tunisia. We see the Cigarette-Smoking Man walking along a cornfield, almost identical to the one in Texas, which we realise later also contains the same strange domes which contained the bees. He has come to talk with Conrad Strughold , another member of The Syndicate. The Cigarette-Smoking Man tells Strughold that Mulder is still on the case. Strughold tells him not to worry. One man alone cannot fight the future. "Yesterday," says the Cigarette-Smoking Man, "I received this." He hands Strughold a telegram which reads:

"X-Files re-opened. Stop. Please advise. Stop."

A huge thanks again to for providing such a great summary.

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Awards Won By Fight The Future

The following is a list of awards Fight The Future has received:

Year Award For
1999 ASCAP Award Top Box Office Films, Mark Snow
1999 Blockbuster Entertainment Award Favourite Actress - Sci-Fi, Gillian Anderson

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My Review of the Movie

Wow! Would be one way to describe it.

The X-Files Movie: Fight The Future was the best movie I've seen in a while. In my books it's second only to Titanic (although I really want to see H20). This is a definite must see, especially if you watch the show, but it still makes sense if you don't watch it. The writing, acting, special effects and storyline are the best! It's done in the typical X-Files style, but bigger! It ties in really well with the season finale of the series (and hopefully next season's premiere!). If you haven't seen it yet, go now, log off, shut off your computer, and go see it!

Rating (out of 5): JJJJK (4 1/2)

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Music from the Movie

The X-Files The Album

The X-Files: The Album

  1. FILTER - One

  2. TONIC - Flower Man

  3. FOO FIGHTERS - Walking After You

  4. WEEN - Beacon Light

  5. STING AND ASWAD - Invisible Sun

  6. THE CARDIGANS - Deuce

  7. BETTER THAN EZRA - One More Murder

  8. THE CURE - More Than This

  9. BJRK - Hunter

  10. SOUL COUGHING - 16 Horses

  11. X - Crystal Ship


  13. NOEL GALLAGHER - Teotihuacan

  14. THE DUST BROTHERS - The X-Files Theme
    "Hidden" Track, on the same track, A description of The Syndicate, the colonists, and other key information by Chris Carter

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