Akron TTC Photo-page
(Photos C. by Dave Strang unless noted)
 US Team Member Dell Swerris Smashes to Dave- 1980 Clinic /Exhibition at Summit Lake
                                                                                                                                                                             Typical night at Patterson Park /Akron TT Club

92 Akron Open at Alliance Fellowship 
''92 Akron Open Finalists - Don Hamilton,Don Story,Dave Strang & Phil Panno

John Tannehill 198? Rubber City Open champ  c. by J. Oros


Akron TTC at Summit County Fairgrounds 1986?
Dewitt Moss, Ken F., Bob Allen, John Shimko and others.  

Akron Table Tennis Center 1977-1980 tables 1-3 of 9
ATTC Veterans Dewitt & Vernon Battle again