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Thursday, 11 June 2009
CT TT assists Middle School TT Event in New Haven

  Two New Haven Middle school Table Tennis teams with connections to CT. TT Association held an inaugural competition in June 2009.

Amistad Academy  hosted the event, a team competition with  nearby Conte West Hills School.  The Amistad program, an after school activity option at the Charter school, is conducted by Peter Noble's Fairhaven Athletics organization.  Peter was initially trained by CT TTA director Dave Strang.  Strang was the program's  original coach between 1994 and 2000, before Peter, and continues to conduct annual coaching clinics at the school.

  Conte West Hills school's TT program is newer, conducted by Kacey Rosenfeld, a Physical Education teacher at the New Haven public school located not far from Amistad. Kacey has also been a student of CT TTA Coach/Director Dave Strang at the Middletown TT Club since finding the club a few years ago.   

  Guests, Conte West Hills took most of the singles matches to gain an insurmountable lead, before Amistad won a number of doubles matches, finishing with a 10 to 4 match victory for Conte West.

8 Players, a mixture of boys and girls, represented each school, competing on 3 tables in the Amistad Gymnasium in the afternoon, afterschool event.

 As the conclusion of the Spring TT season for both schools, the coaches, and a number of the players, expressed enthusiasm over the well attended and conducted event, and mentioned how plans for a rematch next year will motivate the students to more serious preparation during next year's club practices.

Photos below:

Coach Kacey watches and videotapes and  Coach Peter hits with one of the kids.



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------------------------------------------------------------------Fairhaven Athletics/ Connecticut TT Assoc -
2008 Youth Clinic at Amistad Academy May 2008

   3 Tables/ coaching stations     D.Strang coaches w/Newgy           Kids wait for 'next'

short clip (click above)exhibition highlight point   longer clip 7 min demo & game highlights(above)
CT TTA director Dave Strang and Fairhaven Athletics director Peter Noble were joined by Middletown TTC regulars Mark Mosher and Kacey in conducting an exhibition and clinic for students at Charter school Amistad Academy, as a part of it's after school sports Table Tennis program.

   Dave and Mark played exhibition matches and audience challengers followed by coaching at 3 tables, one using a Newgy Robot.  The 4 hour program ended with doubles matches involving various combinations of the kids and the 4 instructors.

Connecticut Junior scores in another NYC tournament
photos by S.Katz 

: David training w/ coach in FF  
  Katz w/ trophies from USATT event         

State Junior champ David Katz, moved up the USATT  ratings
ladder again with a win in the 25 player U-1650 event at the NY TT Federation's September tournament in Chinatown. 

13 year old David got his start and initial coaching a couple years ago at Fairfield TTC and often plays there on Saturdays, and also at home and the Stamford JCC with his father Sheldon,

He won 8 out of 9 matches and expects his 1456 rating to go over 1600, moving him up a few notches from his current #20 spot on the CT.TTA Fairfield/Middletown rankings (all ages) on our ratings page. 

2007 Exhibition/ mini-clinic at New Haven School

Dave Strang and Mark Mosher of the Connecticut T.T. Association entertained teachers and about a hundred kids at New Haven's Amistad academy recently with a table tennis exhibition and mini-clinic, arranged by After-school program coach and teacher Peter Noble of Community group 'Pequenas Ligas Hispanicos'. 

The Youth Sports after school program includes a table tennis club as well as volleyball and a
variety of other sports and activities. The table tennis program is a continuation of the local
after school program originally started by Peter and Dave over 10 years ago, recognized in 
earlier years by articles in the Yale Newspaper and Connecticut Spanish language newspapers
and by a US Olympic Committee and USATT funded Grass roots development grant. 
(See link to article at bottom of page)  

Dave and Mark played an exhibition match followed by challenge matches with selected teachers
and students during the first hour, and stayed two more hours to work with kids, play doubles matches
and allow kids to play against the Newgy robot on one of three tables provided by Peter's organization. 

TT Scholarships program funded:

In addition to past and ongoing TT programs at schools like Texas Wesleyan University, Anderson College (SC) and Augusta College (GA), a new scholarship has been added for juniors attending the school of their choice, funded by a new $100.000 endowment. More information on the Wasserman memorial scholarships is available at:  http://www.usatt.org/news1/wasserman.pdf

Singles,Doubles,Lessons & Robot Practice -a Saturday in FF

click on the photo above to start video play
Short Video - CT Juniors show the adults what it's about !

USA to host the 2007 World Junior Table Tennis Championships PDF Print E-mail
  The World Junior T T Championships will be  held at the Maples Pavilion at Stanford University in California, in December  2007. Over 30 countries are expected to be represented.

For detailed info visit  www.2007wjttc.org. and http://www.ittf.com/world_events/Stories_detail.asp?ID=12792&s_Tour_Name=&s_Year=&

CT Junior champion takes greater NYC tournament titles/ Nearly Doubles his rating.
photos by S.Katz 

Katz w/ trophies from USATT event
    David Katz of Stamford, took singles and doubles 'gold' recently in the 2006 AAU Junior Olympics Greater New York City table tennis championships . David  took  singles and doubles titles, both in the under 14 boys age category.
    And at another recent area tournament he won 13 of his 16 matches, and events including U-1600 singles, competing mostly with adults rated above him , boosting his USATT rating from 0778 to 1442 .
    'Dad' & practice partner Sheldon had good results too, reaching 0932 from a previous 659 rating.
David won his first junior titles at the 2005 CT. Championships last spring. 
He and father Sheldon took up TT 'seriously' the previous winter with practice and lessons at the Fairfield TTC with club director and coach Dave Strang. They practice regularly with each other at home and as often as they can in FF, usually  on Saturday afternoons..


2006 North American Championships  (from TTCanada's website:)
May 13th, 2006...Go to competition
US - CANADA Junior Teams Split Tickets To Cairo
May 13th, 2006- Rochester, MN - The Canadian Junior Girls Team and the US Junior Boys Team emerged as the qualifiers for the 2006 World Junior Championships in December in Cairo, Egypt. The two matches delighted an enthusiastic crowd and gave both camps plenty to cheer for.

In the boys team match the US team went into the competition as the slight favorite, especially in light of the fact that Canada's top junior Qiang Shen, was visibly weakened by the flu.
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