#1 Don't walk behind or near any table where players are playing (wait between points). Skilled players may suddenly move 5 or 10 feet either from side to side or back 'to the barriers' (court dividers) to play a shot - so don't risk injury or distraction. They can retrieve your ball 'between' points.

 #2 Don't create distractions. Silence, like a Golf or Chess tournament isn't required, but avoid shouting , unnecesary talking to anyone while they play, or loud or prolonged conversations at or near the tables which is distracting.

 #3 Respect the equipment and other players - including consideration of others who are waiting for a table or a partner near their skill level to play with. Don't be a 'table-hog' when others are waiting, or leave a player near your skill level as 'odd man out' when he doesn't have other suitable partners at his level. Also don't hit/kick or otherwise abuse tables or barriers - they are expensive to replace !

 #4 The club director may set rules for participation and use of tables based on the situation - the number, interests and skill levels of players present or expected. Regardless of any stated rules, players are encouraged to consider others in sharing our table tennis club. 

#5 Playing time is shared, so players can not expect to play 100% of the time when others are waiting. Matches or practice time should usually last 20 to 40 minutes (total with each partner) especially when others are waiting for a table or to change playing partners. Our goal is that you be able to play 2/3rds of the time you are here on busy nights. 

#6 Coaching and equipment are available from the club director. Paid coaching, equipment sales, or any other sales or promotional activities or distribution of ANY materials or solicitation of contact information from players is prohibited without advanced/expressed permission from the club director. RealTabletennis, Connecticut Table Tennis, (or CT TT Assoc.) Middletown TT and Fairfield TT and related logos and webpages, photos or content are copyrighted /service-trademarks 

#7 Scheduled club hours are often extended for an extra 1/2 hour or hour during sessions with a large turnout, especially on weekends. Please don't assume this though, and arrive late expecting us to always run past 'posted' scheduled hours, this is connected with player participation and cooperation as outlined below.

 #8 Players are also expected to sign-in and pay at the beginning of the session, or as soon as the club director is available after their arrival. 

#9 All players are expected to assist with equipment setup and/or tear-down. Specifically, players arriving during the first hour of play are expected to pitch-in and help with set-up. Players present near (or especially playing after) 'posted' closing times are expected to assist with tear-down and storage of our equipment, especially if they didn't assist with setup. Cooperation with this benifits everyone and, along with player turn-out has a bearing on availability of 'bonus-time' after scheduled hours for the group and the individual priviledge to play beyond 'official' closing hours.