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Contacting me:

For general club information:

     I encourage you to look around on the website first.

  I hope that the main thing you learn from this e website is that my goal, since 1993 in Connecticut, and since 1980 in Ohio, has been to create and maintain  dependable, year-round  weekly playing opportunities for  players of all ages, from kids to senior citizens and the widest possible range of and skill  levels, in our safe but highly engaging lifetime sport of ping-pong/Table Tennis.  

Our Club Table Tennis includes people playing the Ping-Pong that many Americans are familiar with from casual social play at places like home, work and school.  But we specialize in also serving intermediate and expert players too, while  providing everyone a friendly, low stress, flexible and informal environment  where players can enjoy their current playing skills, while also adding to them in a gradual and enjoyable way, while also enjoying the social experience of a diverse group of people from many different countries, carreer types and  backgrounds.

This happens in large Gyms with 8 or more playing courts used at least twice a week for drop-in playing sessions open for 4 or more hours of play. 

 With room, and time, to accommodate  15 or 20 or more players of all ages and playing skill levels, our guests can find playing partners they can be competitive with, as well as ones a bit more experienced who can demonstrate and share new skills within reach within a manner of hours days or weeks, and watch even more advanced players showing a level of play you could reach within a matter of some few months or years if you're motivated to just stick with it, and enjoy the process of  growing your skills and learning some new ones to develop a playing style that suits your abilities and personality.  

 I've spent many hours creating and updating web pages and links here to provide almost any possible information about my local clubs that you might want or need including a special section for players who are new to the area or new to club table tennis.

. Please send me an e-mail for an auto-response with key club info and a follow-up later if needed and to join my e-mail list. Include table tennis in the subject line of the e-mail and your name and town and afternoon or evening phone number(s) in the text preferably at the bottom and I may call if e-mail isn't more appropriate.  

For general Club information, e-mail me at nettadave@(remove this) yahoo.com
_ to join my e-mail list or for other questions use nettadave@(remove) GMAIL.com

Current basic information like schedules and times :

I maintain voice mail phone numbers with a 2 or 3 minute recording that confirms or updates our playing schedule and locations. This saves missed calls and repetition from a number of players checking the schedule and lets you get updated information anytime, 

  Do you drive a distance to play ? - Our weekly playing schedules can be confirmed by phone
call anytime - 24/7  for regular schedule info by recorded messages.
(2O3) 292-0717 ( Fairfield / SW CT.) or  (203) 514-O757 * (Middletown / Central CT.) 

  I may occasionally answer either  phone number myself, especially on club nights when weather is a concern, but usually you will just hear a recording (only) updated as needed. 

My phones may block calls without caller ID or from some area codes so try calling from a different phone if you can't get through  or send me an E-mail or call my other numbers if the club schedule message can't be reached after a 2nd try, seems wrong, or out of date..

  If the call forwards to my cell phone it's still probably a local call if you are calling the nearest club location. 

 If you reach my cell phone voice mail, I'll try to call you back ASAP on a club night, especially if there is a possible weather related cancellation issues (these are rare - usually based on expected SEVERE travel safety concern, like deep drifting snow affecting major roads or freezing rain) .

Other information:

 If you can't find essential information  here that you might need I'd prefer it if you can communicate in person at the clubs or by e-mail if possible so I can be sure to answer your question completely and accurately and have time to investigate the inquiry if needed.

e-mail address is NETTADAVE(remove this)@YAHOO.com  for initial contact .
you will usually get an auto-response with general club info almost immediately.
after initial contact use nettadave(remove)@gmail.com or to join my e-mail update list.
 A personal response could take  from minutes to days depending on the nature and timing of your inquiry.

Urgent information:

If a special situation doesn't fit these means of inquiry and communication, and can't wait until you see me next at the club,  then call me at my call my cell phone @ (203) 668-I945 (after 2pm or on Non-club evenings please) Leave a message starting and ending with your name and complete phone number if I can't pick up .  Due to the cost of cell phone minutes, I may need to let my voice mail pick-up or have a brief conversation and/or call you back later from my home phone. I'm more likely to answer calls at any number if I have your name or at least your number available by caller ID or provided to me by e-mail so I can add it to my phone memories.  

Equipment related:  Most Questions about rackets, rubber etc are most easily answered in person at the clubs where I can show you differences and choices.  Newgy Robots or some recreational Type TT supplies can be purchased  through MY NEWGY WEBSTORE as linked at MY CT.TT Homepages. I can also assist you with Newgy orders or information in person or on the phone. 

 Purchases made through me result in a commission for me  at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU but only if you order through me or through MY Newgy webshop.  Orders made directly from Newgy gain nothing to you and cost me my commission and your opportunity to help me promote our sport here and have me as an advocate and helper with your order or robot.

All current and valid special offers from Newgy are listed and available through my webstore.  Also, if daytime delivery isn't convenient for you, by arrangement, you can usually direct shipment of your robot to me and then pick it up at either club location.

    Due to my personal schedule: Please restrict these calls to PM hours after 2pm Only and be prepared to leave your number,  name and something about why you called if you should reach my voicemail so I'll know how urgently I may need to return your call.

If you need a mailing address please send a request by e-mail.



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