A number of Forums exist where you can discuss table tennis and read TT news

Some may come and go so searches may be advisable to find new and active ones.

A long-popular USA based one is the moderated about.com TT site where some mild personal attacks may be
tolerated if they lack profanity. 

 But generally the content is acceptabl;e for all ages and most posters are reasonable and civil.  Posters must register to post there and can be banned for repeated misbehavior but some posters  do use
names that don't reveal true identities or personal agendas.

The original, and 'wildest' is available from many ISP's or via google groups
' Rec.Sport Table Tennis (RSTT)

Because there is no moderator to delete inappropriate postings, you will see some
off-subject spamming , and it may include personal attacks and/or profanity.

These may even appear to dominate the site when TT news is 'slow' resulting in fewer recent 'ON-topic' postings
You can learn to ignore or filter out postings by problem posters
like the in-famous - 'S-Jan', who make multiple postings using different names (sock-puppets).

S-Jan is known for including links to a bogus set of 'FAQ's' that
rail on about obscure equipment rules and obsolete types of racket glue that 'kill children'
and for using bogus names similar to real people in the TT community as his posting alias'.

This kind of foolishness is common to most un-moderated internet forums though some ISP's provide filters that reduce the clutter.

These TT forums are all at their best during major events like the world championships.