A short note introducing my brother's eulogy of 'mom'

Bettie Strang 1924-2003 :

I know I can't improve on the excellent eulogy given by my brother
at the memorial service in early December 2003, nor can any number of
words adequately capture the wonderful spirit of my mother, Bettie Strang
for those of my table tennis friends who missed the opportunity to meet her.

Midwestern players knew my mom from years of her help as my assistant
running yearly tournaments in Northeastern Ohio.

Players would politely thank me for running a nice tournament, then
invariably spend much more time talking about how much they enjoyed
talking with my mom during the tournament and what a great mom I had.

Then she would update me after the tournament about the things she
learned about my playing friends families and lives while I was too
busy competing or keeping the tournament events on schedule to talk.

Though they didn't meet her, the Connecticut players benifited indirectly
because of her unselfish support for me as I pursued the unusual
(in the USA at least)career of promoting, organizing and coaching table tennis.
And for both me and mom, I wish to again thank the TT supporters in Connecticut
supporters whose help allowed me to spend a number of weeks each year
with her in Ohio, especially during winter and summer holidays,
without disruption to our playing schedule.

Thanks particularly to Roman, Don, Igor, Mark, Richard, Csaba and Bob
(and the rest of you) for your gift that meant so much to me and mom.
A life long friend of mom's put it best recently when she said
'Bettie is the most generous person I've ever met'.
Her birthday was fittingly near Mother's day
and she joined my father Leo and previously departed parents and siblings
on the Sunday night before thanksgiving,
both fitting holidays to remind me and my brother Carter
to be thankful for having a wonderful mother - much better than anyone could

But God is like that, always wanting to give us better than we could possibly deserve,
including the gift of His Son that we celebrate at Christmas.
A service was held on the Monday
following Thanksgiving in Kent at the Kent United Methodist church.
My brother's beautiful eulogy spoken at that service is now posted and linked at:
"(click here)http://netta_ct.tripod.com/mom1.html: