Updated on March 12th 2010-

  this page includes information and links related to the CT Senior Games Table Tennis event 

CT Senior games TT event FAQs: (These are a summary and don't replace official detailed info) 

Who is eligible for the Senior Games Table Tennis event in CT ? 

- ANYONE over 50 year old THIS YEAR - INCLUDING out of state players. 

What events are held ? 

See the official entry at the Senior Games website Singles categories occur every 5 years separately for men and women from 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 70-74 Etc.

 What prizes are available ? 

Players earn a CT Senior games 'medal', and 'bragging rights' as state champion for their age category unless and until a separate state championship is held, -and- also EARN Eligibility to compete in the Nationals during 'odd' years if they 'medal' in the event when held in the 'even' 'qualifying years. For example:  2010 finalists qualify to compete in the summer 2011 Nationals in Houston .Nationals eligible players are responsible for their own entry and travel expenses to that tournament if they wish to play.

 What about out of state players ? 

They compete in the appropriate age division along with CT players. IF they 'medal' they qualify for nationals IN ADDITION to the top CT resident finishers in each age group.

 What is the Cost ? 

 $30 are recent  per player fees, paid to the Senior games, and include a CT Senior Games T-Shirt for each player. 
There may be a modest additional fee to participate in BOTH Singles AND doubles - probably an additional $5.
There are NO additional Membership or USATT fees,  and matches do NOT affect a USATT rating..
Discounts for early entry or 'bring a friend' discounts may be available -as listed at the Sr.Games website.
 Players who also play Badminton or other Summer events may pay less for each additional sport -
 See the Senior games site for locations and schedules for other sports.

 What about Doubles ? 

Doubles are held based on interest shown, and are based on the age of the youngest member of the doubles team. Advanced registration is encouraged, but additional players and teams will be accepted at the tournament as space allows. You must enter doubles at the CT games if you wish to compete in Doubles at the nationals.

 Where is the event held ? 

It is usually held in May at a  Connecticut TTA club,  at 5:30 or 6pm on a Sunday night in combination with the regular 6:30-10pm Sunday Open Play session at the Middletown table tennis club's site at Riverview Hospital's School West Gym at 915 River Road. Follow the Club directions from exit 12 of Rte 9. Do NOT follow your GPS unit or mapquest or yahoo maps directions.

 Where should I practice?

 You are invited to visit the CT TTA clubs in Middletown  and/or  Fairfield Connecticut, especially the host club as linked and listed at: www.Realtabletennis.com . Cost is only $8 per person for your first visit, players of all ages and levels are there for you to meet and practice with if you don't bring a partner. Call 203-66O-1363 for times and locations.

 What rules are used ? 

See official rules at http://www.usatt.org/rules/index.shtml but remember we may make some adjustment or accommodations considering the amateur nature of this event especially for unrated players. This event does NOT count for USATT tournament ratings nor does it require USATT membership. Matches MAY be counted toward CT. League ratings though.

How strong is the competition ?

This will depend on the age group you play in.

 The best rated players are more likely to play in the 50-54 but most players are unrated and playing for 'fun' .

Usually the most nervous players who think they aren't good enough to 'compete' have the most fun, and sometimes surprise themselves with how well they do. Women especially shouldn't overestimate the competitive nature of this event or underestimate the FUN. Meet some new friends with a common interest !.


After Deadline for MAILING entries has passed :
Paid Entries may be accepted in person by Dave
at club meetings and at the door on tournament day between
Remember regular club play will also occur in Middletown that evening
should you not be able to join the tournament.

ALSO Please Note that the  entry fees includes Single AND/or
doubles events that qualify players in EVEN numbered years 2008,'10 etc for the  Nationals
 held in ODD numbered years 2009,'11 etc.
(some literature or web pages previously had this wrong)
For Senior games entry info : click here or go to
For an entry FORM (PDF download) go to: "> http://www.seniorgamesct.org/regfrom.pdf :
(IGNORE where it says check singles *OR* doubles and mark any/all desired)