Summer table tennis in Connecticut
A few notes about summer table tennis in Connecticut.
We Play year-round - and we have had A/C in both locations since 2003-04
While some players, especially some casual unrated and novice players, may reduce their play in the summer,
 and some year-round players may take breaks from play or travel out of state on  vacations,
our attendance is usually 60-80% of winter levels and we play year-round at both locations.

In fact, some players take advantage of summer to join us more often,
including players whose friends or school-based clubs quit for the summer
and students and teachers out of school, and those who are more
enjoy driving to the clubs in the summer when snow or ice isn't a concern.

During all but a couple of the summers early in my  15+ years running CT Table tennis Assoc Clubs,  since 1993 we have
continued with very few cancellations or schedule changes, and enough turnout to
satisfy players of all levels who choose to join us on the full schedule.

Also, for those of you who prefer continuous matches or practice -
 While , as  in winter, their is limited waiting to play in Middletown, due to the 12 or more available tables, and in Fairfield, our busy 8 tables are often filled, there the number of players waiting to play are sometimes only a few in the summer, and so limits on continuous laying time are more often relaxed, allowing longer matches or practice without a change in players or partners
A note for unrated and novice players -
While the number of players near this level is sometimes reduced
during some summer sessions, this is still a great chance to improve your skills.
With a little patience and persistence, you'll find more opportunities to
practice and learn from the more experienced players in the summer than even in the

Many of them will notice your dedication and persistence in playing year-round,
and may reward it with some practice time, games played with 'a spot' and/or
free advice for improvement that they might not have or make time for in the winter
 And don't be overly self-conscious - If they have another
player they want to play they'll let you know such as
" I have winners on table one next, but let's hit some until they finish'

Other improvement can come from watching the state's best practice and play,
paid coaching from me and often (at my discretion) free use of the Newgy robot.
(Coaching is $20-$30 per 30-45 min lesson and robot use alone - without coaching -
is normally $10 per session - 30 to 45 minutes minimum guaranteed.)

Some schedule changes are possible but rare - call ahead if you wish, .
using the appropriate current phone numbers listed at the homepage

PROTECT your racket

Summer heat will reduce the lifespan of you rubber sheets.
1. Don't store your racket in warm places.

Especially avoid direct sunshine or a parked car. The extreme heat of a closed car on a summer day can ruin
rubber sheets in a pretty short time.

2. Clean rubber sheets more often.

The goal in the winter is to remove dust that reduces spin
and 'scuffs' the rubber surface, reducing it's lifespan.
Water works fine for this using a clean sponge for convenience.
In the summer sweat can interrupt a point with a 'wet-ball' and
also reduces the rubbers lifespan. Again a clean sponge is helpful.
Avoid chemicals that may dry out the rubber prematurely though.
To remove sweat residues, use a cleaning product made by a name brand TT company
that makes rubber sheets or use a mild simple hand soap.
Improvised cleaners and some cleaning sprays from smaller TT companies
may reduce the rubbers lifespan by drying it out.

PROTECT yourself

While our indoor table tennis protects you from some of the risks
of summer exercise such as sunstroke, sunburn, west Nile virus and
Lyme disease and drowning or lightning, there are still precautions to avoid injury.

1. Drink water.
Don't depend on your thirst to determine when or what to drink.
Sodas, ice tea and even some 'sports drinks' can actually dehydrate you while taking
away your normal thirst for water.
Drink some water before you play, while you play and after you play.
2. Pace yourself.
If you are in normal health, it still takes time to adjust as the temperatures increase.
Take breaks between matches and enjoy our ample supplies of water and air at both sites.

3. Individualize your choices.

If you have any health concerns like asthma or heart disease, consult your
doctor, and join us whenever the weather is moderate according to his instructions.

'Be Prepared' Bring extras

It's helpful in the summer to bring extra's such as spare shirts and socks, to wear home
or to refresh yourself between matches.
also helpful - headbands or ball-caps, towels and a refillable water bottle.
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