General Tournament Information - (2007)

Tournaments are a chance to test your playing level and progress under more pressure and to have your matches count towards a USATT national rating,
 In addition to the 'Open' or championship event, typical USATT sanctioned tournaments also have event categories for players of various junior and senior age groups and usually  from a few to over a dozen separate skill level events based on USATT ratings. 

A local tournament may have 25 to 50 players from nearby clubs playing in a local club or gym. Major events like the US Open may have 500 to 1000 players competing on 100 or more tables in a major convention center. In the larger tournament, while competing in their own events and tables, 'Novice' players may share the hall with Championship division players from throughout North America or even World ranked players from Asia and Europe. 

For USATT sanctioned tournaments, Entry fees of $15 to $50 for smaller tournaments and $25 to $100 or more for 4 star events are typical, plus the additional cost of a $40 yearly USATT membership for adults (youth fees are less), required for major tournaments or after your first small tournament. In addition to other tournament expenses, these entry fees usually help defray Championship division prize monies varying from $100's for a 1 star local tournament to $10-20,000 or more for  the US Open,
  Based on broadcast and advertising revenues Televised events like the World Cup, ITTF tour or  'Killerpin' invitationals may split $100,000 or more among the top players.
 (The 2005 World TT Championships was seen by 1/2 Billion viewers worldwide)

  Compared to club play, the costs for tournament fees and travel related expenses are higher and the time spent traveling, or waiting for scheduled matches on an available table are greater for tournament play, but on the plus side, you can meet and play new players from other clubs or states, and at major tournaments, see a higher level of play  in the championship division than may be seen locally during club matches.

Tournaments are held occasionally in Connecticut and Rhode Island, and every month in the Boston and New York City , New Jersey areas. Based on higher total prize money, 3 or 4 star events usually attract more players from a wider area and often (though not always) have better scheduling and playing conditions.

We have held USATT Sanctioned Open tournaments in past years when facility availability has allowed,  but in the last few years we have held a variety of youth, senior and unsanctioned drop-in tournaments on a more frequent basis.

 While we haven't recently held USATT tournaments, we are able hold special local events like the yearly Senior Games at our club sites in Middletown and Fairfield as extensions of our regular playing sessions.

 Why don't we hold USATT tournaments more often at Fairfield and Middletown in Connecticut?

This requires all day use of the tournament site which is usually not available to us at our current playing sites in Middletown and Fairfield.  The Middletown Gym at Riverview hospital is already scheduled  for other activities on Saturday and Sunday afternoons because Riverview is a residential facility.

The Fairfield Senior Center Gym is operated on weekends and evenings by the Town of Fairfield Recreation department. Town rules would require a significant hourly rental fee and payment for overtime for the building's Custodial staff for any open tournament. This could amount to $1000 or more in additional expenses for a tournament limited to 8 tables.  

With monthly tournaments in NYC and Northern New Jersey, this puts us at a significant competitive disadvantage compared to nearby  clubs due to the added fixed cost of the Fairfield facility, or the costs of gym rentals elsewhere plus truck rental for moving the tables. 

The nearby monthly tournaments are often held in clubs not charged an extra rental fee for a tournament .which means they can break-even with lower entry fees and/or more prize money to attract out-of-town players.

  Also, the many  monthly tournaments nearby in Boston and NYC etc, and occasional major tournaments in halls holding 24 or even 50 or more tables in the region make it harder to attract out of state players to club based CT. events.

  Even for our area's players, compared to Boston or NYC USATT events,  some local players are also less eager to 'risk' their USATT national ratings with a local tournament against players they play every week. Other nearby USATT sanctioned tournaments are held occasionally in Rhode Island, and Springfield Mass. in addition to the monthly events in Metro NY/ northern New Jersey.

IF held -Connecticut USATT tournaments are usually held in in the fall (OCT/NOV) and early spring (MAR/APR) due to weather and facility availability considerations.

 Most tournaments are announced 3 to 5 weeks ahead on the USATT web site,  and through entry forms given or mailed to area USATT members

A LINK TO USATT sanctioned events on the WEB:

Other CT tournaments::

CT. Senior Olympics-

held each spring- CT table tennis/ Fairfield/Middletown clubs provide tables and the tournament director for the TT portion of this multi-sport event. Contact me or find the Senior games website for more info

Youth Tournaments -

held periodically in New Haven in cooperation with Fairhaven Athletics

Club tournaments -

Surprise or scheduled unsanctioned drop-in tournaments may be held periodically during regular club playing sessions, particularly on during weekend sessions. Just arrive during first 30 minutes of session to reduce the chances of being left out of preliminary round-robins.

Other USATT Tournaments near Connecticut-

Westfield, New Jersey - monthly tournaments listed at USATT.ORG

Springfield MASS and R.I. - each holds 2 or 3 tourneys per year - -join mailing lists through contacts at "places to play" @ USATT.ORG

The Boys/Girls club of Shelton CT. has hosted tournaments recently - see

NYC / Boston area - check club & tourney listings at USATT.ORG


Most USATT tournaments include a variety of event categories based on playing skill level and/or age/gender categories. Skill level events are based on the USATT computerized national rating system.

The results of each tournament match played affects the future rating of the winner and loser.

Players may usually compete in multiple categories so long as their rating is not ABOVE the cutoff rating for the specified events.

Unrated players should choose events based on an estimated rating, but are usually not permitted to advance beyond early rounds in rating events - but may advance in Open or age based events. NETTA may waive this rule for unrated local club players if their rating can be estimated with adequate confidence based on club play.

Typical Ratings:

0300-0600 inexperienced recreational players

0600-0800 young or new club players

0800-1200 advanced recreational & semi-experienced club players

1200-1500 average experienced club players

1500-2000 above average to expert US tournament players

2000+ expert - top 10% of USATT tournament players

2500-2800 USA Men's Team or top 25