We play year round at both CT locations, and usually in Akron too, including A/C in the summer.

Current Connecticut T.T./( Ping Pong ) club schedule/location info is available at
(203)692-2055 on a recording which is changed as needed.

Some holiday cancellations never make it to the web site including possible
cancellations near major holidays, storms or nearby tournaments - so CALL - the
schedule message IS updated as needed.

PLEASE NOTE OUR Summer 2006 NEW SCHEDULE, EFFECTIVE July 15TH, and Check for Possible
changes in August or this Fall including near Labor Day
or other Major Holiday weekends.

CORRECT Driving directions (and much more) are available linked at
www.REALtabletennis.com as is info on AKRON (OHIO) TTC.
ALL players - ANY ages & skill level are invited.

Cost to play is $5 per player for your 1st visit. We can supply balls, rackets and
playing partners from beginners to state champions (or even 'lessons' from an
experienced pro) on 8-12 tables in a large Gym .
Tables, Videos, Rackets and Robots are also available for home use.

Just show up ready for some 'serious fun' !

Please visit the clubs and/or the website.
For info not available at the website or the schedule info number you can
call my home phone (PM hours ONLY) at 203- 516 2055
or my cell phone near club hours (203)668-1945.
If I can't answer when you call please leave a voicemail message including your complete phone number

- Dave

PS- share my e-mail w/ friends OR refer them to: www.REALtabletennis.com
and news and TT on TV info there.