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>Dec 2001

    Our Winter starting time on Sundays is Middletown is now 6:30pm with
play until 9:30 or (usually) 10pm. This will allow those who work
early on Mondays to begin and end play earlier.
  If most players begin arriving close to 6:30, and express some
interest in starting earlier, we will consider 
opening even earlier (6pm), probably starting in January.
            -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   
   We expect to conduct more  'drop-in' round-robin or other
'competitions' for interested local players on one or more Saturdays
or Sundays per month. 
  If you may be interested, please arrive by as early as possible
(during the 1st half hour of scheduled play) and bring
a few extra dollars (probably $3 to $5 extra) for possible prizes. 
  These competitions, especially those including our highest rated
and Fairfield County players are most likely to occur on weekends when
there is NOT a tournament scheduled for the NJ/NYC areas or in
Springfield Mass, and when a good turnout of players has arrived
within the first 30 minutes of the scheduled playing session .
  Please note that we will try to consider the interests of all
players, including those NOT wishing to participate in organized play
in the design and scheduling of these events.
   Also, these events do NOT require USATT membership or ratings
and do NOT effect your USATT national rating,
though they may help in establishing estimated ratings
for unrated players.
  Selected matches may also be videotaped for possible airing on
cable access channels in Middletown or other parts of Connecticut.

NOVEMBER 2001: CT players in North American Teams tournament. ----------------------------------------------------- 
A number of our players were on various teams at one of the largest tournaments in the world, held thanksgiving weekend in Baltimore. Included as players were Rich Dewitt, YongMei Li, Val Ort, Csaba Nagy and Michael Lazarev. Xioadi Wang and GuanHua Wang also attended as spectators, and GuanHua, a UConn history professor, also interviewed former Chinese Team member ChengYeng Hua for research he is doing on the historic role of Table Tennis in 20th century Chinese history and culture. YongMei reportedly had an excellent tournament with a number of good wins. An article featuring the tournament appeared in the Baltimore Sun newspaper and online, available at:
Results should be available soon at www.USATT.Org or at 

YongMei Li evens the score with Dewitt in Fairfield battle
 In the second impromptu club 'tournament', held Thursday November 8th, in Fairfield YongMei Li beat Rich Dewitt in the final. Rich had won the previous club 'tournament', on a Saturday in October, in a close win over YongMei. About 8-10 players participated in each of these 'events', while a few players each time stuck to the usual practice and open play that is most common at our club sessions. While we haven't yet decided to 'preschedule' one of these competitions, they have been held every 2-3 weeks, and hopefully the next might be held in Middletown, sometime in early December. Arrive early during our scheduled sessions if you want to avoid missing out on our next 'surprise' event. Feedback/Suggestions from players who participated (or didn't) about the format cost prizes etc. of these events are encouraged to comment by e-mail to: nettadave(removethis)

TT on TV (and the Net)
Table tennis will be on Fox Sports World in December: Wednesday 12/26 2AM-4AM Eastern Standard Time (and same time on Friday 12/28 and Sunday 12/30) details (but not the name of the events) are available at: Fox Sports World is mainly available on Digital cable TV and small satelite dish systems. ON THE INTERNET: Table tennis video clips are posted in various places now including: at: They usually require software like 'RealPlayer' which can be downloaded (free) if needed.

Attendance growth may allow 2nd night in Middletown
 Recent turnouts, in late October and November of 10 to 15 players have increased the likelihood of adding a second night, probably Tuesdays or Wednesdays this winter in Middletown. This could happen perhaps as early as November or December if arrangements and continued good attendance on Sunday permit. An earlier starting time on Sundays (6:30pm or 6pm) also seems likely in the near future (TBA). Please join the e-mail list (send to nettadave(removethis) and check here and the club phone announcement every week or two, especially if you aren't currently playing every week.

DO WE HAVE YOUR CURRENT CONTACT INFO? ---------------------------------------- Please send an e-mail to me at nettadave(removethis) so I can add you, or confirm your contact information to my e-mail list. Your name and (at least) your town or zip code will assist in identifying which TT news 'alert' e-mails would be of likely interest to you.

Also your phone number and mailing (street) address would be helpful, particularly if you aren't on the USATT membership lists. Tournaments or other special events or schedule changes are possible this fall - but we need a good list of players to contact to 'advertise' new playing times, programs or events.

 October 2001: 
-------------------------------------------------------------------- Congratulations: Rich Dewitt for a great upset win over a 2200+ player at a recent NJ event (and the resulting near 2100 new rating) Val Ort for an improved rating, also approaching the 2100 level. Rich and Yong Mei Li for finishing 1st/2nd in our recent, (Mid-Oct) 'impromptu' Saturday afternoon club 'tournament' (double elimination) WE expect to offer similar 'drop-in' tournaments, some impromptu, some pre-scheduled, from time to time, on Saturdays in Fairfield or Sundays in Middletown. Join our e-mail list and check back here and on our phone schedule message for announcements.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHECK AHEAD DURING NOV/DEC/JAN for possible schedule changes- especially around holidays and when dangerous weather threatens such as blizzard conditions or freezing rain Call (860) 586-7055 **************************************************************************** (WEBSITE PROBLEM NOTE: Sept 2001) Sometime during September/October, this web site 'reverted' to it's pages as they were in late August, minus updates done in September. This may have been related to 9/11 or Nimbda virus disruptions affecting some computers or website hosting facilities. Sorry that I didn't catch it sooner. If anyone notices these or other problems with this website in the future, or if you have any problem with the club message line at (860) 586-7055, please e-mail at: nettadave(removethis) , so I can more quickly repair it's content

2001/2002 Tournament (s) being considered ****************************************************************************

I'm investigating the possibility of holding a Connecticut tournament, this year - and/or a series of monthly or weekly 'drop-in' local tournaments. Your feedback would be helpful. Specifically: 1. Are you personally interested and likely to participate ? 2. Should we have it as a USATT sanctioned event ? Doing this results in rating fees ($3) for all players and membership (adults:$30/yr) or permit fees ($7 for unrated 1st Time USATT tournament players ONLY) which are added to the entry fees (usually $10 per event), - This costs more but does allows new players to become USATT rated (Local area tournaments CAN be held as unsanctioned 'club' events) 3. Should we use (best 2 out of 3) 21 point games (as before) or the new ITTF 11 point games ? (best of 5 games maybe best of 7 game finals) (USATT rules allow either format for the remainder of 2001) 4. Do you have any other suggestions, particularly your opinions regarding the events, schedules, formats, prizes etc which I offered in previous CT tournaments ? TO see the 1999 entry information- Copy and paste this URL into your browser: (E-mails or short phone or face to face messages are preferred) e-mail me at: nettadave(removethis)


FIRST HOT WEATHER CANCELLATION (ever?) **************************************************************************

Thur. August 9th play cancelled due to record near 100 degree temperatures **************************************************************************

SUMMER PLAY INFO: (regarding hot weather - including August 9th)
 We almost always play year-round even during hot weather. On days in the mid 80's we have decent turnouts, even though we have fans rather than air conditioning at both Gyms.

But during very SEVERE hot weather (such as the in the 90's WITH high humidity, we MIGHT consider canceling though, depending on feedback from possible players, especially usual 'regulars'.

For more information see the 'cancel policy' web page linked to the homepage. And of course call ahead if in doubt at (860) 586-xxxx to confirm our play and/or to leave your opinion.

Be assured that UNLESS the message is CHANGED to cancel a normal session at least 45 minute before it starts, we WILL be open as the message says and are likely to have (at least) 6 to 10 players so your trip will be worthwhile. We have dedicated players who come regularly unless we cancel. 

IF you have satellite TV or digital cable, watch for ITTF Pro Tour tournaments on Fox Sportsworld channel. (This is one of a number of Fox Sports channels and not the single channel available on many 'basic' cable TV systems) The China Open was broadcast on August 1st and is expected to be repeated sometime between August 6th and 10th, and maybe on other dates. Check the ITTF or Fox Sport web sites for exact times for this and future table tennis tournament coverage. (And don't forget that VCR! - many of us don't have the Sportsworld channel yet)

- - - - - - AND... WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW OF YOUR INTEREST IN any of the following : (send me an e-mail?) -Starting a second weekday night in Middletown, (Tuesdays 7:30pm?) -A Fall USATT tournament in Connecticut, -weekly or monthly leagues or drop-in local 'tournaments' -Group or individual lessons or coaching clinics -other ideas or suggestions * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * PLEASE CALL AHEAD TO CONFIRM ANY/ALL SESSIONS- especially AFTER Aug 15th * * CALL (860) 586-7055 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

JULY 2001: Dewitt takes Eastern Open rating event title
Rich Dewitt of Fairfield, an occasional Middletown player, and a Fairfield club regular, won the under 2150 event at the Eastern Open, held at Rutgers University in late July as part of the North American Tournament tour. Rich also saw his rating recently hit a recent high of 2073, though he was also briefly rated at 2140 last year.

Virgo takes Boston title
Ernie Virgo of Hartford, who has recently been playing in Middletown, took the open singles title at the recent monthly tournament at the newly opened Boston Table Tennis Center. Virgo won the last Connecticut Championship held in 1999.

Connecticut Players attend 2001 US Open TT Championships
Val Ort, Micheal Lazerev, Rich Dewitt and Don Feltenberger all competed in various divisions in Ft. Lauderdale July 3rd - 8th. Middletown club founder Norm Chouinard and National Umpire Roman Tinyscin also attended the annual US table tennis event as tournament staff members. Many of the world's top players are entered in the Championship division.

Clubs closed for early JULY Vacation & US Open
The Fairfield Club will be closed on July 5th and 7th for the July 4th holiday weekend and also on Thursday July 12th. (We will re-open again on Sat. July 14th (2-5pm) and Thur. July 19th) Middletown will also be closed on July 1st, 8th & 15th as well.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
 especially AFTER July 1st * * CALL (860) 586-7055 
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

JUNE 2001 New start time for June play in Middletown
The previous winter/Spring start time of 6:30 on Sunday nights in Middletown has been moved back to 7pm for the summer with a 10 to 10:30pm end. 

April 2001- New Rules passed by ITTF
The ITTF has added two new rule changes, to the previous change to a 40mm ball. The first, starting in September 2001 is for 11 point games with each player serving for two points rather than 5 as in 21 point games. The second, starting in September 2002, will ban the so called 'hidden serves', requiring that the server's arm or body not pass into an area between the ball and both net posts during the serve.

China Regains Titles at World Table Tennis Championships 
************************************************ After losing the previous Men's Team title to Sweden in 1999-2000, China regained that title, (and most others) in Osaka, Japan, after Belgium upset Sweden in the Semi-finals but was unable to defeat China in the Men's Team final. For more details - and even links to brief video clips - Go To: (cut and paste into your browser) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

AARP Article features 'Ping-Pong'
Even if you aren't near retirement age you may find this an interesting and well written article for yourself, or to print out and give to friends curious about your TT 'addiction'. Available at: (cut and paste into a new browser if the link isn't active) the article also includes quotes from a prominent NYC cardiologist who plays. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

March 2001 Ort wins event, scores upset in major tournament ************************************************ 
Val Ort, a regular at Fairfield, had a great weekend at the Buckeye Open, a large 3 star USATT tournament held recently in Columbus Ohio. In addition to winning the under 2000 rated event, he scored an upset (and his best 'career' win) in another event over former Connecticut player David Sakai. Dave moved to the Washington D.C. area from Connecticut in the 1980's and has a variety of Open singles and national senior men's titles and a rating in the high 2200's. The upset win is expected to help push Val's USATT rating from the high 1900's into the low to mid 2000's. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Fairfield Club to host Senior games table tennis events ****************************************************** 
Expected to be held on the second Saturday (morning) in June, this event was previously held at Southington High School. This year it will be held at our Fairfield playing site. (Thanks to Fairfield Recreation department & Senior Center.) Consult the Connecticut Senior Games website for more info - details will become available in April. CUT & PASTE to browser if 'link' is not active: - Use their "contact us" page to send them an e-mail (mention table tennis) to join their mailing and e-mail lists and receive entry info as available. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Jan-Feb 2001 Congratulations!
..To David Chen and Martin Shapiro for recent weddings, (Martin's new wife Rada is also a regular player at Fairfield) and to Tom Pierelli on the recent birth of a Son.

Middletown Sunday play sets record for turnout
Bolstered by a half dozen Fairfield regulars catching an extra night of play, including 1998 state champ Rich Dewitt, the attendance record for Middletown open play in 2000-2001 was broken with 20 players joining in on Sunday February 11th. With 8 tables available in the large gym, only a few players were briefly waiting to play during the session , which was extended to 10 pm. Players ranged from beginners to 4 players around USATT 2000. Typical recent turnouts at Middletown have included 12 to 15 players, mostly unrated to 1500, but sometimes including 1700+ players like Guanhua and Xioadi Wang or 2000+ players like Wes Daly or Wilbert Lawrence (and of course club director Dave Strang).
 Connecticut Players win two events at NJ Open
 Congratulations to two Fairfield club regulars. Rich Dewitt won the U-2100 event and Don Feltenberger took the under 1900 event title at the January tournament at the New Jersey TT club. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New E-mail address ***************** Please E-mail me at nettadave(removethis) I'm updating and expanding my e-mail and mailing lists and would appreciate hearing from everyone with an e-mail address who is interested in Connecticut TT News and events.

Please include your mailing address and phone numbers too if you don't mind, or at least your name and city, so I can avoid sending you information about activities you might not be interested in. (My old e-mail addresses at AOL and INAME will be discontinued soon.) 
Would you be interested in weekly or monthly drop-in tournaments ?
 Does the cost to play or our current hours affect your participation ? Would you be interested in Tuesday or Wednesday night play (7:30-10:30pm) in Middletown ? (In addition to Sundays at 6:30pm) Should we start play a half hour (or more) earlier on Sat. or Sundays? These and other suggestions/ideas/preferences are welcomed by e-mail at or as messages left after the club info- number message - or in person at the club.

Dec 2000 
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***********************************************

99 Connecticut TT Championships airs on Middletown cable TV

TV viewers in the area served by Comcast around Middletown saw the one hour TV program produced and hosted by Dave Strang at 8pm on the Wednesday before Christmas & at the same time on the following Tuesday on Public Access Channel (ch 4?).

Check Access Channel listings for other possible showing times in January. We also hope to make the program available via public access in other Connecticut Communities in future weeks. The one Hour program featured both semifinals and the finals of the Open (Championship) events. Tape it to share with friends !

Nov 2000


 ***flash news- 15 player per night (avg.) turnout on recent Sunday night sessions ****

MIDDLETOWN PLAY is earlier now - on SUNDAY nights (6:30PM to 9:30pm or 10PM): Based on player requests for an earlier starting time in Middletown, we have returned to SUNDAY evening play at 6:30pm for Fall 2000 until further notice. We will play until at least 9:30pm or 10pm. (later finish time if we have a large turnout and a number of players who have driven a distance to play).

AND a modest price increase for Fairfield nightly play has begun.

Cost is now $7.00 per session or 3 sessions for $20 for 'regulars' Cost for Middletown Play in December(& 1st monthly visits at Fairfield) is still $5.


Club director Dave's personal phone number has changed. Calls can reach my cellular phone at (860)922-xxxx. (please leave a message there if I don't answer.) Also E-Mails are now usually checked weekly (rather than daily) so call if you need info quickly. but please understand I may need to limit the length of calls, to stay within my monthly prepaid cellular calling plan, especially before 8pm on weekdays. Basic schedule information should still be confirmed by calling the club schedule number at (860) 586-xxxx. I am very careful to update that recording whenever necessary to reflect schedule changes or same day cancellations due to severe weather or other emergencies (power failure etc).
 so please don't call my cell phone for that purpose. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *************************************************************************

***SEE 1st LINK BELOW FOR MORE CT. & International T.T. NEWS (for year 2000)>*** *************************************************************************

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