The Hilderbrand Family Lineage

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And this is the line of the Hilderbrand Family;

Hildebrand; English, French and German; From a GMC personal name composed of the elements hild meaning Battle and brand meaning (flaming) Sword, introduced into England by the Normans. (Circa 1000-1180 CE)

The Hildebrands (Later Hilderbrands among other versions of the name) was a rich Germanic clan best known as ship builders and fishermen. According to some historians this clan was articulate fishermen with a strong sea farring presence. They served a large roll in the development of early sea-farring vessels and protected the north western shores of Bavaria. Later the Hildebrands worked in the shipping trade, and became a powerful merchant clan. But never served a strong role in governing or royalty. Nobles by virtue and by stature, this family never sought power in the houses of the various Germanic kings content to be fishermen, ship builders and tradesmen.

Three Hildebrand Brothers migrated to the American colonies in the early 1700's. Little else is known about them except for thier names and the year of thier arrival. This is the earliest account we have from their arrival in Philadelphia PA on September 24 1734 on the ship St. Andrew. John, Johan Jacob and Friedrick Hildebrand. A record of a Johannes Hildebrand was found in Washington County PA where He bought land in Ohio September 14 1751. It is believed that Johannas Hildebrand may have been the father of Abraham Hildebrand. Johan (Later known as Johannas) arrived in the Americas before the age of sixteen. He was discovered as a stowaway passenger on board the ship. He had aparently ran away from his home to follow his older brothers to the Americas, which is why he was listed on the Ship's manifest as cargo. After being discovered He was forced to work on the ship as an indentured passenger to pay for his fare and was released with his brothers upon arriving in Phidelphia.

This is the direct line of my family in the Americas. A short history is given at the end of this list as it has been copied from my family book researched and put together by various members of my family. Johannas Hildebrand is believed to have been Abraham Hildebrand's father.

    The Hildebrands and Hilderbrands;
  • Abraham Hildebrand 1748-1833 CE
  • James Hildebrand 1779-1843 CE
  • Samuel Hildebrand 1822-1911 CE
  • George Washington Hilderbrand 1847- 1935 CE
  • Ora Anderville Hilderbrand 1880-1966 CE
  • Malcolm Lynn Hilderbrand 1906-1992 CE
  • Richard Earl Hilderbrand 1944-persent CE
  • Richard Anthony Hilderbrand 1970-present CE
  • Robert Malcolm Hilderbrand 1998-present CE

Abraham Hildebrand Born sometime in 1748 and died in 1833, married Anna Schantz in March 1776. Anna Schantz Hildebrand died sometime in 1824. No record of her date of birth was found.

James Hildebrand Born 1779 and died 1843, married Elizabeth Weimer born 1789 and died 1865.

Samuel Nelson Hilderbrand born November 1 1822 died January 7 1911, married Matilda Reed on March 26 1846.

George Washington Hilderbrand born December 20 1847 Died Febuary 19 1935, married Sarah Jane Fisher, born June 12 1855 and died April 10 1888.

Ora Anderville Hilderbrand born June 28 1880 died December 4 1966, married Rosa Curtis Shepperd born December 23 1884 and died October 27 1922.

Malcolm Lynn Hilderbrand born October 22 1906, died June 25 1992, married Anna Elizabeth Glassco, born January 28 1914, died March 16 1992, on October 6 1930.

Richard Earl Hilderbrand born May 5 1944, married Anna Lois Morris born May 20 1944, on Febuary 28 1964

Richard Anthony Hilderbrand born April 29 1970 married Robyn Lee Flick, born December 7 1973, on June 12 1992.

Robert Malcolm born October 25 1998.

The Hildebrand and Hilderbrand Family History

Abraham and Anna (Schantz)Hildebrand

Abraham Hildebrand born in 1748 married Anna Schantz, who was born in Lancaster County, PA the daughter of Jacob and Mary Schantz, who were active in the mennonite church. The Hildebrands, were active in the Church of the Brethern. The marriage between a person in the Mennonite and a person of the Brethern Church was not uncommon as the beliefs and doctrines of the two churches were similar. Marriages performed outside of the respective churches was a common occurance in the seventeen hundreds. The mennonites like the brethern, at the time, used lay ministers who were commonly elected by the congregation to preside over the services of the church and it's congregation. The State of Pennsylvania did not however recognize marriages performed by these lay ministers. In order to have a marriage that was legally binding in the eyes of the state, the marriage had to be performed by an ordained minister. Abraham and Anna were married Feburary 14 1776 in St. James Episcopal Church of Lancaster in order to have a lawful marriage approved by the state.

It was because of Abraham's strong church convictions that he chose to be non-associated with the American Revolution. There is a record of the Huntington county Militia which shows that in February 1797 1st. Regiment 1st Battalion Abraham Hildebrand was a Captain of the third Company. This may have been one of Abraham's sons, who went by the same name as he.

Abraham purchased three hundred and fifty acres of land in the conestoga township, Lancaster County, PA on June 24 1776. The family later consisted of thirteen children; Joseph, John, Christain, James, Jacob, Abraham, Samuel, George, Kesiah, Mary, Issac, Ann and Catherine.

The Hildebrand family moved from Lancaster county in 1789 to cumberland county by 1791, they were in Franklin County.