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I doubt anyone will be losing a lot of sleep over wheter I rec. them or not, but well, I thought I'd do it anyway. Just because. Most of these can be found at Gossamer. Other than that, see my links page for other places where you can maybe hunt them down. I make no apologies- I like angst. Shippery angst, mostly ::ducks::

All Hallows Eve    - Sue Esty aka Windsinger.

One of the first I read. It's *long*, but I couldn't put it down. A long and intricate plot, that twists and turns beautifully.

Iolokus      -MustangSally and RivkaT.

It doesn't really need an introduction:) Angst, angst, angst. And then some more angst- with a happy ending.

 Rift           -Rocketman.

This has one of the cutest kids in fanfic- Grace-, Mulder dealing with his 'habit', and Scully having motherhood issues. Marvellous:)

Puppets Trilogy     -Madeline Partuous

They go back to that silo. Then things get weird. Very weird.

Before I forget Blue       -Jen Stoy

I don't want to say too much- it'll ruin it. Suffice to say that Jen Stoy has a real way with characterisation, getting you right inside her characters heads.

Sixty      -Dawson Rambo.

Had me sobbing into my keyboard ::sniff::

Goodnight Newton    -Rachel Howard

A clone you can love, and it's one of those M- and- S- get- together stories: handled sensitively and with skill.

After The Colors Fade    -Deborah L. Wells

Oooo...so angsty. I won't spoil it by telling you about it, though.

//dipped in black//     -Wen

Raw and poetic. Scullyangst.

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