July 5th

Well, it *has* been a long time since the last update. My exams have finished now, so I'm going to be looking at finishing this page and getting another up- ie. splitting this one so I have two pages; one XF and one non-XF. I'm not going to be continuing with 'Tainted' for the moment- not unless I get a singulary wonderful idea about where to take it. Instead I'm embarking on another long fic- a little bit profiler, a little bit X-File, with some philosophy thrown in for good measure ::looks around as everyone runs from the  room screaming::.

I'll probably be writing some vignettes as well, for light relief. In the meantime, I have one huge rec- Oklahoma by Amperage and Livengoo. It is one of the best fics I've read- even for a Scullyist like me;)

Keep an eye on the page for updates- hopefully more frequent!


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