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The Nuriko Shrine

I hope you enjoy this great site I made.
Don't forget to check out the great image gallery.

I hope you enjoy the site I made for Nuriko fans!
Have a great time.

This site I made just for Fushigi Yuugi fans and Nuriko fans too. Don't mind the messed up idex. (top) This is my very first web site. So, I hope you enjoy it.
This site is mostly based on my fav charecter "Nuriko".
Don't forget to checkout my Guestbook.
thanx ^_^

I updated my Image Galleries & my Multimedia section you could check it out! Well sorta...heh heh ^-^

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please dont mind if i borrow this pic from ur site...

I borrowed this pic from an other site.(if u don't mind)

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