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Jeremy Taggart


This page is going to be dedicated to Jeremy Taggart, Our Lady Peace's drummer! He is an amazing drummer, I love him!



Here is some information on Jeremy Taggart
  Some stuff that you didn't know... :) (or maybe u did)
  • Birthday April 7, 1975
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Age: 28
  • Family: He has two brothers and one sister
  • the first song he learned to play was "Cult Of Personaltiy" by Living Color
  • Favorite Number: 7
  • Some influences are his father, Ron Taggart, Miles Davis,John Coltrane and Elvin Jones.
  • Jeremy loves baseball

Some things Jeremy's allergic to:
-salami and pepperoni
-hot dogs
-peanut butter
-red dyes found in candies such as Skittles
-apple juice

-some perfumes

Jeremy's Gear

Ayotte 12", 16", 18", 24"

Greg Keplinger Snare 14"

Premier Signia Snare 14"

Remo Emporer Clear

Zildjian 19" A Med Thin Crash

Zildjian A 20" Crash Ride

Zildjian K 20" Ride
Zildjian K 14" Hats
Zildjian A Splashs
Avedis 10" splash                                   


Did you know?...
Jeremy joined OLP at the age of 17 to replace Jim Newell who had left the band in 1991. He played in the band before he finished high school and got into some trouble in bars for being underage. The band waited till he finished school before recording their album, Naveed

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