HOL is a program for Psion 3a, 3c, Siena, and Series 5. that calculates dates for holidays and writes them to your agenda.

HOL can be configured to calculate many holidays. The program reads a holiday definition file, calculates dates for holidays according to the file, and writes the holidays to an agenda file. The user interface allows you to select which configured holidays to actually use, which years to calculate for, and preview the calculated dates on the screen before writing them to the agenda file.

Holidays can be defined relative to a fixed date (e.g. New Years Day), a fixed Hebrew date (e.g. Passover), a fixed Islamic date (e.g. the Islamic New Year's day), a specific weekday (e.g. Midsommardagen; 1st Saturday after June 20th), Easter, or selected among several dates depending on a condition.

Style and year symbol can be specified generally and/or for each holiday. The holidays are written to the agenda file as untimed day entries in the default time slot or as anniversaries. Some holidays can be written as repeating entries.

Holiday definition files for Sweden, USA, Holland, Argentina, Uruguay, Norway, Finland, Germany, the Church of Ireland, France, the Church in Wales, Denmark, UK and Hebrew holidays are included. Examples of Islamic holidays are also included.

HOL is free software under the GNU Public License.

HOL for Psion Series 5

HOL has been ported to Series 5 by Jean Luc Damnet. Download it from his webpage.

If you are upgrading


If you already have version 1 of HOL installed you need to know this:


In HOL021C only the UK.HOL and HEBREW.HOL files have been updated.


Added FI2.HOL with more Finnish holidays.

See the file HOLCHANG.TXT for more information on what has changed.

Lynx compatible