"Yaad Karogey Yaad Karogey Ek Din Humko Yaad Karogey”


Geeta Roy


"Ro ro ke sunate hein jo hum apna fasana kehta hae zamana hamein ansoo na bahaba"

 “Zara Thum Ja Tou Aey Sawan Merey Sajan Ko Aney Dae”


 By “Sadullah Jan”

 Geeta Roy was born at Faridpur * (Bangladesh) on 23.11.1930. She was trained by composer “Hanuman Prasad” who introduced her in Bhakta Prahlad (1946) (Assistant K.C.Verma) where she participated in chorus "Aab jani re" and "Suno suno". Her other initial film songs were in "Kashmir ki Kali" (Yeh kis ne meri hasratoon - O morey pia morey ghar), "Rasili" (Naino ki piyali se hont - naina laga mukh mor gea -duets) and "Circus King" (Preet kisi ko na chorhe - chorus).

She also sung some (Non Film) songs:

Bhajan: "Yeh reet kahan sekhi mohan", "Daras dev na prabhu"

Basic Geet (Non Film): "Dukh se bhara hae jeevan apna", "Premi haar hi mein hae jeet"

"Mere sapno ke raja", "Door kisi ki nazroon se", "Holey Holey Hawa Doley" and "Jamuna ke teer kahna" (Bhajan), "Baji beran bansaria", Sakhi sapne ki baat", "Gaen Gaen Gaen", "Yeh hawa yeh fizain baharwin"

Western Tune, "Rang dalo ji rang", "Kooke Ambua pe koeliya" With Krishna Goel & Chorus, Shadi Geet (Meena Kapoor & Geeta Dutt) "Ja Ri Ladli"

National Song - Film "Pujya Gandhiji" by Hindustan Information Films "Bharat mata namodaya"

Geeta sung about a thousand Hindi Songs on the compositions of most of the Film Music Directors of her time. Her songs include duets (with all the famous singers) as well as chorus. Trendsetter composers in her life were S.D.Burman (tragic songs- “Do Bhai”) and O.P. Nayyar (opera house styles-"Aar Paar" etc.). She sang for about 500 films. Her peak period of singing was the decade of fifties (on average 3 songs / film). Her two songs “Mohabbat karley kisi pe marley” and “Ek baat sunati hun” were in Pakistani Film “Miss 56”

Geeta Roy got involved with Guru Dutt during the production of Nevketan's film "Baazi"(1951)

"Tadbeer sae bigri hui Taqdeer banalay "

Guru Dutt (Shiv Shankar Padukone) was born on 9 July 1925 in Mangalore in a Saraswat family.

They were married in 1953.

By 1952 Lata left behind most of the old singers except Geeta Roy. Geeta’s  song "Darshan Pyasi Aayee dasi” was composed by  Sajjad for film Sangdil. Later Sajjad's invitation to Lata changed the situation. Moreover at that time Geeta was much occupied in her domestic affairs. Wahida Rehman acted as heroin in some of the following Guru Dutt's films.Guru Dutt was much impressed by Wahida (whom he introduced in CID-1956) but their deep involvement could not be tolerated by Geeta. The tension resulted in their virtual separation and she re-coursed to drinking.

Aaj preet ka nata toot gea”

“Mein to reh gayee aaj akeli rey mera koi nahain”


She looked after a daughter and two sons. Film "Kaghaz ke Phool" by Guru Dutt, depicts the tragedy

“Waqt ne kiya kea haseen sitam”

Guru Dutt committed suicide during late night hours of 9th.October 1964.

Geeta sung only a few geets afterward (Last film Anubhav–1971 "Mera dil jo mera hota", "Koi chupke se akey", "Meri jan mujhe jan") and passed away on – 20th July1972.

"Mera sunder sapna beet gea- mein preem mein sub kuch haar gai- bedard zamana jeet gea"


About the Author:

Sadullah Jan, record collecting hobbyist of Peshawar is a great fan of “:Geeta Roy’s songs (of which He has largest collection). A printer by profession and a very kind hearted person.

"Geeta Roy Singing at Raj Bhawan"   "Sadullah Jan with records of her songs"

(Specific dates courtesy -Prof Dr M. Rafiq UK)

·         Faridpur is also the hometown of another nightingale - Feroza Begum, of "Nazrul Geetee" fame. Both meet the melodious voice criteria specified by the legendary composer Anil Biswas for his wife Meena Kapoor viz openness, huskiness, sex and bass. Meena Kapoor paid tribute to Geeta Roy (Late) by singing "Waqt ne kia keya haseen sitam" at the "Mortal Men Immortal Melodies" concert held in Mumbai  to honour to the legendary figures of the films industry.

Geeta’ captioned geets

1. Yaad karogy yaad karoget – Do Bhai – S.D.Burman - 1947

2.  Roo roo kay sunatey  - Meri Kahani – K.Dutta - 1948

3.  Zara thum ja aey sawan – Jogan – Bilo C.Rani - 1950

4. Tadbeer sey bigrhi huei – Baazi – S.D.Burman - 1951

5. Aaj preet ka nata toot gea – Do Bhai – S.D.Burman

6. Mein tou reh gai aaj akeli rey - Majboor - Master Ghulam Haider - 1948

7. Waqt ne kia kea haseen sitam – Kaghaz Key Phool - 1959

8. Mera sunder sapna beet gea – Do Bhai – S.D.Burman

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